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Bobak Kalhor’s A Dying King The Shah of Iran

December 2017

A Dying King is the story of how the Shah of Iran mysteriously left the country for a 19 month exile, privately seeking treatment for Cancer at hospitals around the world. He traveled from Egypt to Morocco, Bahamas, Mexico, the U.S, then Panama and back again to Egypt where he died at the age... »

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Exploring The Seething Rage in The Workplace in Joe Lynch’s Mayhem

December 2017
Exploring The Seething Rage in The Workplace in Joe Lynch’s <em>Mayhem</em>

      “The workplace in current day America is very passive aggressive. People are hyper sensitive, no one wants to get sued, no one speaks their mind, then tension builds into rage,” said Director Joe Lynch on the setting of his latest bloody masterpiece, Mayhem. The script written by Matias Caruso was rooted... »

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Writer-Director Remy Auberjonois explores the horrors of PTSD in Blood Stripe

September 2017
Writer-Director Remy Auberjonois explores the horrors of PTSD in Blood Stripe

“There is a crisis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in America,” said writer-director Remy Auberjonois about the main topic of his directing debut, Blood Stripe. Director Auberjonois co-wrote the film with his wife Kate Nowlin, who plays the lead, known only as ‘Our Sergeant.’ Together the filmmaking couple conceptualized and shot the project... »

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Crew Interviews on DVD Bonus Content

January 2006

With feature film DVD sales now surpassing the dollar volume of theatrical box office, studios are constantly exploring new ways of maintaining... »

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Award Contender-Cesar Charlone, DP, Constant Gardner

December 2005

“When I was in film school, I read all the glossy film magazines and I dreamt that one day I would work on films like The Constant Gardener. To this... »

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Documentary Gigs for Crew

December 2005

The transitional nature of their work makes it essential for film crew to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities beyond the realm of narrative... »

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The Shot Doctor

February 2005

By Eric Green With film crews traveling all around the world, the risk of infection and disease runs high. At immunization clinics like the practice... »

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Awards Portfolio: Joel Cox/Million Dollar Baby

January 2005

Academy Award winner Joel Cox is once again an Oscar contender, for his solid and flawless work on Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. Cox started... »

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Tribute to Jerry Goldsmith

December 2004

By Eric Green Jerry Goldsmith’s stellar career spanned over a half century, encompassing a staggering 17 Academy Award nominations—though only one... »

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Sound Designer Brian Emrich

August 2004

By Eric Green Those who wonder why some films are gripping even at moments when little is happening visually need to get familiar with the work of the... »

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