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Hurricane Harvey Shuts Down Sound Stages

August 30, 2017 | By

Below the Line News’ thoughts are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Actors Fund is positioned to help below the line workers. Please reach out and donate to the Actors.Fund.Org by using the link provided HERE.

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Local television and film sound stages in Houston, TX and throughout the area have been shut down by Hurricane Harvey. Shooting is currently moving to Atlanta in the hopes of safety first and productivity to follow. ABC7 News affiliate in Corpus Christi, Texas is bearing down as the cameras and sound equipment were heard to be rumbling across the stage when the storm first hit.

The rain has stopped in parts of Houston, but as the flooding turns into a Tropical Storm and has been moved up to Category 4 throughout Louisiana, many local movie theaters remain closed to the public as well. Studios and major theater chains such as AMC, Regal, and Studio 30 especially, are reassessing properties and buildings affected by the flood. AMC’s Corpus 16 hopes to open this week.  Sound stages and theaters are opened only in accordance with curfews and will reevaluate every morning.

Local stories from the South on how the devastation has affected the television and film crews of the ravaged regions are developing.

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