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Cine-tal and VTP Present Color Management Training

February 24, 2011 06:02 | By

Cine-tal Systems, a developer of image monitoring and color management systems and distributor VTP will be offering a two-day color management training class, April 5-6 at VTP’s Burbank headquarters.

The class will provide participants with a working knowledge in color management for digital film and video production, digital intermediate (DI) and video postproduction, visual effects, HD and film print dailies, as well as digital projection. The class will be lead by Cine-tal’s Michael Chenery, an expert in color science for the digital cinema and video industry.

Participants will receive an introductory background into color science and color theory and color models including XYZ, RGB and YCbCr, XvYcc. Participants will also learn about, gamma, logarithmic and linear encoding including Rec709, RedLog, Panalog, ArriLog, FilmStream and sLog. The course features hands on practice of transforming data between color models, profiling display technology including digital projection, building look up tables (LUTs), and implementing color management practices.

The course is geared toward professionals in the video and feature film industry responsible for quality control of color across the entire production/postproduction workflow, including VFX production supervisors and artists, DI postproduction engineers, CGI/VFX software developers, Digital Imaging Technicians and colorists.

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