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The Future Group Unveils Pixotope Version 1.3

July 23, 2020 10:00 | By

Pixotope.logo1The Future Group, creators of live photo-realistic virtual production system Pixotope, today unveils its latest Version 1.3 software featuring a wide range of advances that significantly improve how virtual environments interact with real-world elements.

Pixotope enables the production of mixed-reality (MR) content by bringing together physical components such as presenters, actors, props and free-moving cameras, with virtually created assets such as scenes, graphics, animated characters, or any other computer-generated elements. Pixotope forms the central production hub when creating mixed-reality content for broadcast and live events, with Version 1.3 offering new object tracking, powerful lighting integration, enhanced colour management and more.

A major advance in Pixotope Version 1.3 is the ability to easily utilize and integrate data from real time object tracking systems. This allows Pixotope to use the position of moving tracking locators in the real-world environment and attach them to digitally created objects, so that those objects can be made to follow the tracked motion. This in turn enables presenters to freely pick up and rotate graphics or any other virtually generated asset, opening limitless creative possibilities.


From showing a 3D model in the palm of their hand, to controlling any aspect of a virtual scene with their own physical movement, presenters and actors become free to interact with the virtual world around them.

Also new in Pixotope Version 1.3 is the ability to control physical lights using DMX512 over the Art-Net distribution protocol. This enables Pixotope to synchronise and control any DMX controllable feature of physical studio lights from the digital lights used to illuminate virtual scenes. Lights can then either be driven via pre-set animation, or by using the new Slider widget available for user created Pixotope control panels. Such panels can be accessed via a web browser on any authorized device and be operated either by a technician or presenter.

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