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ARRI Announces WVR-1s Small Video Receiver

March 7, 2019 | By

ARRI.logoIn a joint statement with ARRI, Vitec – with its brand Teradek the market leader in wireless video transmission systems for the motion picture industry – declares its continued commitment to the ARRI WVS product line, which is being expanded with its latest addition, the ARRI WVR-1s.

A smaller, lighter-weight counterpart to ARRI’s long-range WVR-1, the WVR-1s can be quickly paired with the ARRI WVS transmitter, and is designed primarily to allow focus-pullers and directors to remotely monitor footage as it is being captured. To increase hand held flexibility and reduce overall weight, it has integrated antennas, battery adapters for micro batteries, and an extra power out for a monitor. With the backing of ARRI’s global network of service centers, any downtime will be reduced to a minimum, and as the ARRI WVS is fully certified, operators can be confident they are always in compliance with local transmission regulations.


ARRI’s  WVR1s Small Video Receiver


The WVR-1s is part of ARRI’s comprehensive WVS range, which includes both integrated and external transmitters, receivers, monitors, and a wide variety of associated accessories. The first shipments of the new compact receiver WVR-1s are expected in May 2019.

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