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ARRI Unveils New External Radio Modules For Remote Head SRH-3

August 23, 2019 | By

arri.logo.1ARRI has announced a new line of External Radio Modules (ERM) for remote operation of the brand’s SRH-3 stabilized remote head. Available in two frequencies, the ERM-900 and ERM-2400 are for use in all production situations including drones, helicopters, or with cable cam systems.



When paired with the ERMs, the SRH-3 system will change from the built-in fixed channel radio module to the channel hopping based ERM’s radio communication. More channels will ensure reliability and more range. The option of choosing between the internal or external radio modules ensures the best possible wireless connection, depending on the situation or limitation.



The new ERM-900 and ERM-2400 connect via the FS CAN Bus cable to the SRH-3 remote control panel and the stabilized remote head. After an initial configuration, the modules power up and automatically set into transmitter and receiver mode. To reach the maximum range, the ERM transmitter module should be mounted to a mast or an elevated stand between 2 – 5 meters tall (6 –15 feet).

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