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Film & Television Production: Sim Zero Emissions Battery Pack

August 30, 2019 | By

Sim.logo.1To increase sustainability in film and television production, Sim is launching Urban Power Source, a mobile zero-emissions battery power packs built specifically for the entertainment industry. Sim has now taken delivery of the first two units, named Minnekhada and Seymour, after the regional parks within Metro Vancouver featured on their exterior.

Engineered, designed and built in British Columbia, the power stations feature built-in power supply properties and allow for up to 124kg of CO2 emissions savings per charge. In a package identical in size and weight to a standard generator, the units deliver 125kWh of power storage with an output capacity of 72kW, and a 3-phase 120/208V power supply at 200 amps per phase.


Compatible with today’s LED lighting technology, the Urban Power Source operates with low noise and no diesel smell, making it easier for production companies to shoot in sensitive locations. It also results in reduced distribution and maintenance costs. The uninterruptible power supply has flow-through capability and a daisy chain connectivity option for additional run-time. As a result, it helps to avoid “lost shots” on set.

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