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Supervisor Series-The Mist-CafeFX-Everett Burrell

By Mark London Williams If Stephen King�s novella The Mist is about people spending compressed yet infinite-seeming time trapped in a grocery... »

Supervisor Series-Golden Compass-Bill Westenhofer-Rhythm & Hues-

By Mark London Williams In the film adaptation of author Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, the first thing that Bill Westenhofer had to wrestle... »

WB Sound 80th Anniversary: Evolving Tech of Sound

By Mark London Williams Leith Adams knows Jack. Indeed, as corporate archivist for Warner Bros. Studios, he not only can tell you about the early days... »

Supervisor Series-Assassination of Jesse James

By Mark London Williams You know a production is heavily into verisimilitude when even the looping is done on location. Sound supervisor Richard King,... »

VFX Supervisor-Tom Wood-Sunshine

By Mark London Williams In Sunshine, director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland's follow-up project to their kinetic zombie thriller, 28 Days... »

Supervisor Series-Peter Chiang-Stardust

By Mark London Williams When visual effects legend Dennis Muren accepted his VES award, he talked about watching rangers mimic falling stars when he... »

Supervisor Series-Simpsons Sound Supervisor

By Mark London Williams When someone applies the phrase "aesthetic battle” to The Simpsons, one might think it's a line cooked up by Lisa,... »

Supervisor Series-Sean Mathiesen-28 Weeks Later-small sidebar

By Mark London Williams Visual-effects supervisor Sean Mathiesen speaks of creating visceral moments in the none-dare-call-them-zombies thriller 28... »

Supervisor Series-Chris Watts-300

By Mark London Williams Chris Watts has some history of his own to bring to 300. The spring box-office hit, directed by Zack Snyder, tells the story... »

Director Series-Paul Thomas Anderson-There Will Be Blood

By Mark London Williams A phrase like "one of the year's most critically acclaimed” is often trite at this time of year, but it applies to... »

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