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Director Series-Paul Thomas Anderson-There Will Be Blood

By Mark London Williams A phrase like "one of the year's most critically acclaimed” is often trite at this time of year, but it applies to... »

VFX Vet Mat Beck Helms May 10th Smallville Ep

By Mark London Williams There's second-unit directing and, of course, there's the regular kind. But perhaps there's something in between:... »

Union Roundup

Union Roundup By Mark London Williams This is being written after the Thanksgiving break, as people file back in to town, shake off the last of the... »

Sound Mixing

By Mark London Williams Gregg Rudloff knows his way around an award season or two, having added a sound-mixing Oscar nomination last year for Flags of... »

Silicon Makeup Technology

By Mark London Williams When your humble correspondent was assigned a story on makeup in Hollywood involving fake skin and silicone, it was hard not... »

PP-post supervisor series-Narnia

By Mark London Williams “In terms of amount of work, it was enormous.” Coming from a man who produced special effects for The Two Towers, The... »

FAM Tour-Louisiana 2

By Mark London Williams “If you don’t keep the business in Louisiana now, it’s going to die.” That’s the prognostication of Edith LeBlanc, a... »

Awards: VES Awards Coverage

By Mark London Williams It was an evening celebrating sleight of hand, most of it happening with digits, though not all, as demonstrated by the win... »

Union Roundup

By Mark London Williams “Winter” in Los Angeles, may not mean what it does in other parts of the country, but there’s still movement under the... »

PP-Supervisor Series-The Aviator

By Mark London Williams If you ask Rob Legato how being a visual effects supervisor on Martin Scorsese’s epic Howard Hughes bioflick, The Aviator,... »

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