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Contender: Cinematographer Alexis Zabe – The Florida Project

January 9, 2018 | By
Contender: Cinematographer Alexis Zabe – <em>The Florida Project</em>

Cinematographer Alexis Zabe captures a colorful innocence in director Sean Baker’s The Florida Project, which follows the summertime story of a six-year-old girl and her young mother, who live in a budget motel near Disney World. Zabe had previously worked with Baker on a short film, where the “communication worked really well.” “I really... »

Director Series: Errol Morris, Breaking Boundaries with “Wormwood”

January 9, 2018 | By
Director Series: Errol Morris, Breaking Boundaries with <em>“Wormwood”</em>

Uncovering some of the U.S. government’s darkest secrets, “Wormwood,” currently on Netflix, examines the life-long quest of one man–Eric Olson–to find the truth behind his father’s mysterious death. Weaving this mystery into a six-part story, renowned documentarian Errol Morris (Fog of War, Thin Blue Line) combines his own noted interview style with a dramatic narrative... »

Contenders: Production Designer Sarah Greenwood and Art Director Katie Spencer – Darkest Hour

January 8, 2018 | By
Contenders: Production Designer Sarah Greenwood and Art Director Katie Spencer – <em>Darkest Hour</em>

Darkest Hour takes place during the four weeks leading up to the evacuation of Dunkirk, when Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) took over as Prime Minister of Britain. Sarah Greenwood (Production Designer) and Katie Spencer (Art Director) reunite with director Joe Wright to create the sets reflecting this extremely tense period in WWII history. As... »

Contender: Cinematographer Sam Levy – Lady Bird

January 8, 2018 | By
Contender: Cinematographer Sam Levy – <em>Lady Bird</em>

Sam Levy’s naturalistic cinematography, in Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut of Lady Bird is meticulously crafted. The story follows the contentious relationship between Christine ‘Lady Bird,’ a high school senior played by Saoirse Ronan, and Marion, her mother, played by Laurie Metcalf. Levy and Gerwig had already worked together on Frances Ha, Maggie’s Plan and... »

Contender: Visual Effects Supervisor Erik de Boer – Okja

January 6, 2018 | By
Contender: Visual Effects Supervisor Erik de Boer – <em>Okja</em>

Exploring the bond between human and animals, director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) tells the story a young farm girl who must save the super-pig she has raised her whole life from exploitation. The director tapped visual effects supervisor, Erik de Boer, to bring the fully digital character of Okja, the pig, to... »

Contender: Composer Marcelo Zarvos – Wonder

January 6, 2018 | By
Contender: Composer Marcelo Zarvos – <em>Wonder</em>

Marcelo Zarvos composes a touching score for Stephen Chbosky’s Wonder, based on R.J. Palacio’s heartwarming children’s novel. Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), born with a facial deformity is about to start the 5th grade in a traditional school after being homeschooled his whole life. His family is protective and supportive as Auggie has to face the... »

Contender: Cinematographer Don Burgess – Wonder

January 6, 2018 | By
Contender: Cinematographer Don Burgess – <em>Wonder</em>

Cinematographer Don Burgess’ work on Wonder, directed and co-written by Stephen Chbosky, is based on the R. J. Palacio children’s novel of the same name. This heartwarming story follows young Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), who was born with a craniofacial abnormality and has undergone numerous surgeries, throughout his first year in the 5th grade of... »

Contender: Editor Valerio Bonelli – Darkest Hour

January 5, 2018 | By
Contender: Editor Valerio Bonelli – Darkest Hour

Editor Valerio Bonelli read the script for Darkest Hour in early 2016 when he was doing another project with director Joe Wright. “At first I thought, ‘Why is Joe making a film about Churchill? There have been so many stories about Churchill,’” shared Bonelli. “Then I read the script and realized it wasn’t really just... »

Contender: Editor Nick Houy – Lady Bird

January 4, 2018 | By
Contender: Editor Nick Houy – <em>Lady Bird</em>

Lady Bird editor Nick Houy has worked with many first time feature directors, but writer-director Greta Gerwig “was not the typical first-time director experience.” Because she has co-directed, written a number of successful films, and acted in even more, Gerwig proved to be very comfortable behind the camera. Houy felt the details in the script not... »

Contenders: Editors William Goldenberg and Harry Yoon – Detroit

January 2, 2018 | By
Contenders: Editors William Goldenberg and Harry Yoon – <em>Detroit</em>

  Kathryn Bigelow’s brutally visceral drama, Detroit, set amid the chaos of 1967 Detroit race riots, depicts the terrifying true event in which a group of rogue police officers murder three black men and viciously beat another nine people. The project came to Bigelow around the time of the Ferguson unrest and became a... »

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