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The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop Reveals Secrets Behind Movie Magic

November 2, 2016 | By
<em>The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop</em> Reveals Secrets Behind Movie Magic

The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop, the new book by Richard M. Isackes and Karen L. Maness, takes readers behind the scenes of some of the most iconic movies ever made and offers unique insights on how they were made. A combination of essays (twelve in total) and gorgeous photography, the tome is both a history and illumination of the... »

BTL Exclusive with Director David Mackenzie on Hell or High Water

September 10, 2016 | By
BTL Exclusive with Director David Mackenzie on <em>Hell or High Water</em>

When British director David Mackenzie read Taylor Sheridan’s original Southwestern crime-based screenplay for Hell or High Water, he immediately connected with the material.  “The script was so excellent, I said, ‘I don’t want to change a word,’” recalled Mackenzie. In fact, the director and his team did change quite a bit in the end,... »

Outlaws and Angels

July 27, 2016 | By
<em>Outlaws and Angels</em>

Director JT Mollner serves up a gripping, desolate Western/Thriller hybrid in his new film, Outlaws and Angels. Loosely based on his short film, Henry John and the Little Bug from 2009, Mollner expanded his original story into a terrifying home invasion scenario. He also wanted to explore the family dynamic within the patriarchal, lawless... »

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