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For Your Consideration Lede-Excellence More Than Just A Word


Awards imply excellence, that a film has met a high standard of quality and that the nominees and eventual winners represent the very best the field has to offer.
But the standards that the professionals working in those fields hold themselves may not always jibe with what the wider community views as excellent work.
Is spectacle essential to great art direction? Do historical dramas always deserve top consideration in costume design? And what do cinematographers want their peers to notice about the way they shot a movie? What do sharp-eared pros listen for in the sound edit or the mix? Is it quantity or quality � or both � that elevates a film�s visual effects work to the top of the pack?
Professionals� answers to these questions may surprise you � and may open your eyes to areas of the crafts that deserve more attention and greater consideration when it comes time to fill out the ballots.
We also ask what the growing number of actors stepping behind the cameras means for the crews on those films � is working for an actor-director a different experience?
Returning for its second year, For Your Consideration tries to answer at least some of those questions, and in the process, we hope to make it a little easier to define excellence for this year�s crop of awards contenders.
� Thomas J. McLean

Written by Tom McLean

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