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Chapman/Leonard New Product Showcase Presents the Best in Movie/TV Equipment


LR-LeonardChapman2Now in business 72 years, Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment (a merger between separate companies called Chapman and Leonard in 1965) touts that their gear will assist in “getting the shot you desire,” a goal which was on display at their May 7 new product showcase designed for professionals and aspiring filmmakers alike, all of whom were on hand for the proceedings.

From 73-foot cranes, to smaller jibs, to vehicular camera stabilizers, all the way down to Steadicam rigs, the outdoor showcase presented the best in film/TV equipment on the Chapman/Leonard indoor/outdoor lot in North Hollywood, CA.

Several special events took place on the lot, including elaborate routines with live dancers to demonstrate Steadicam shots that occurred at several points throughout the morning and afternoon. Additional demonstrations included intricate small jeep-oriented vehicles with custom-built apparatus for camera operators to acquire mobile shots, plus a “course” for crab dolly operators to maneuver wheel-based hand-powered equipment.

In keynote speeches, cinematographers and others on camera crews discussed the ease in which virtually any type of shot is currently available to crews. Director of photography Michael Goi (American Horror Story) discusses his origins and Chicago and ascent in Los Angeles, leading to bigger jobs with LR-LeonardChapman6more responsibility as his established his skills and work ethic. Goi screened complex shots of his construction and explained the importance of always telling a story with one’s artistic approach to film and television projects.

Lastly, the hosts spoke about the relevance of the annual industry event. “Our product showcase event is important to our operation because it allows the film community to explore the creative world of filmmaking by gaining hands on experience with our equipment,” said Nichole Huenergardt, assistant marketing manager for the company. “Up and coming filmmakers need to know the door is open to them and that the world of filmmaking has endless opportunities. Chapman/Leonard wants to not only provide custom camera support equipment for the film industry, but also provide a valuable learning experience.”

Photo gallery of the event:

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