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Bi2-Vision Intros New 3D Camera Rig at NAB


The Bi2-Vision P3 stereo rig automates interaxial camera spacing.
A new automated 3D camera rig from Bi2-Vision provides the means for high quality 3D video production without greatly expanding the 2D camera crew size or compromising the 3D effect. Especially valuable for live production, live sports and other events, Bi2-Vision P3 simplifies the 3D production process, producing dynamic depth perception at mid-to-longer distances.

The Bi2-Vision P3 true optic stereo rig automates interaxial camera spacing, (the distance between the left-eye camera and the right-eye camera), through precision zoom and focus data provided from the digital lenses. As the operator zooms, pans and focuses, the P3 system automatically determines and maintains the optimal interaxial spacing between cameras.

During any live production, both subject matter and camera framing change continuously, requiring ongoing interaxial adjustments to produce optimized 3D imagery. Prior to the availability of Bi2-Vision’s automated P3 system, a 3D production crew had two choices. They could add a camera rig assistant for each camera position to roughly adjust the rig’s interaxial spacing, or they could pick an average “fixed” interaxial spacing to use throughout the production. In both cases the the 3D effect is compromised.

The new P3 system determines the requirements for interaxial spacing adjustment in a fraction of a second, and then quickly and automatically makes the adjustment. Additionally, the P3 system automatically corrects the relative alignment errors between the cameras.

The P3 will be demonstrated in NAB booth OE2386 in the outdoor exhibits.

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