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DoPchoice Releases Snapbag and Snapgrid for Creamsource Vortex8


DoPchoice Snapbag Medium

DoPchoice now offers new versions of its popular Snapbag® and Snapgrid® light controllers to coincide with the release of Creamsource‘s new Vortex8.

The Snapbag SBCV8 is built to mount on the Vortex8, offering a choice of 7 softening Snapbag lightboxes and with the newly re-designed Rabbit-Ears® attachment system, one can mount existing DopChoice Snapbags, such as the Snapbag Medium, the 3′,  5′, and 7′ Octas or the 3′ and 5’ spherical Lanterns.

DoPchoice Snapbag with Snapgrid

The Snapbag SBCV8 pops up in a single piece and attaches in seconds directly to the light fixture with Velcro straps for a perfect fit, and like all Snapbags, illumination can be intensified with the internal reflective fabric and softened with the removable Magic Cloth® diffusion panel. To further direct the light, a new 40-degree Snapgrid (90x60cm) can be mounted right to the Snapbag front regardless of whether the Vortex8 dome is installed or not.

From DoPchoice’s description: “This is the only light box made for Vortex8 that offers DoPchoice’s patent-pending pyramid baffle sewn into the center enabling the sidewalls to reflect illumination outward for even spread without hot spots.

DoPchoice SnapGrid

Octagonal-shaped Snapbags have rapidly gained popularity as a large soft source with extremely smooth output that sets up in seconds. Octas may be used open-face or with the included front diffusion panel. In addition DoPchoice Snapgrids are available to add directional light to all Octas. The round, single-piece Snapbag Lanterns tuck away in custom black bags ready snap up when their special glow is needed. To curb output, black/white quarter round covers may be Velcro-attached to control spill. Diffusion Cloth sets are available as spares for DoPchoice Snapbags of all types.”

Manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP International, these accessories for the Vortex8 are available through authorized dealers. You can watch how the latest Snapbag and Snapgrid can be used in the video below and get more information at

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