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Vinten Radamec Introduces APS Pedestal Positioning System


Vinten Radamec’s APS robotic pedestals employ rotating lasers that scan a 270 degree arc to a distance of over 60’ for targets to triangulate its absolute position in the studio.

Vinten Radamec will introduce its new Absolute Positioning System, (APS) at IBC next week in Amsterdam. The APS system is a new robotic camera pedestal positioning system that integrates with the company’s Fusion robotic pedestals to help accurately position studio cameras.

An APS equipped Fusion pedestal no longer relies on the need to navigate to, and get its initial position from a floor target or tile. Instead, it detects unobtrusive, passive retro-reflective targets placed in the studio environment using a scanning laser-based measurement system. This allows operators to free up valuable studio floor space where once a floor target was sited, and removes the need to go through time-consuming targeting operations before you start a show or when switching from using the pedestal in full-manual mode.

“Our APS positioning system removes all the operational overhead associated with targeting pedestals using a floor target,” said Philip Dalgoutte, product manager at Vinten Radamec. “It is completely transparent to the operator, automatically detecting its absolute position within the studio environment and providing constant navigation correction to the pedestal’s core dead-reckoning navigation system. If the APS system is not able to detect enough targets to determine its position, it will seamlessly switch back to using dead-reckoning until it is able to re-establish its absolute position.”

APS is available as both a factory-fit option on the Fusion FP-188 pedestal, or as an upgrade for existing FP-188 or FP-145 pedestals. The company has developed a range of unobtrusive targets that can be customized by the customer to match the color of their existing studio environment or particular elements of the set.

Vinten Radamec will be exhibiting in the Vitec Videocom booth at IBC, (Hall 11, Stand E55).

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