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Deluxe to Master Films for Chinese Giant Screen Format


LR-CGSAt ShowEast, currently underway in Hollywood, Fla., Deluxe announced that it has entered an agreement with China Film Co. to provide mastering services for motion pictures released in the China Giant Screen (CGS) format.

As part of the agreement, the companies will develop a 115,000-cubic-foot mastering facility and screening room in Los Angeles.

“The CGS format offers not just an enlarged image but an image that’s greatly enhanced to accommodate the large format,” said Joe Hart, senior vice president of Deluxe Digital Cinema. “Deluxe is thrilled to provide the state-of-the-art mastering services required. We expect the new mastering facility and screening room to act as a real showcase for the format and related technology.”

The CGS format produces projected images of more than 65 feet wide and 35 feet tall.

“CGS, as a premium large-format cinema system based on proprietary technology, has won wide support both from China and the international community, including most major players from Hollywood,” said Lin Minjie, chairman of China Film Digital Giant Screen Co. “We are very excited to work together with Deluxe in providing mastering services for CGS screens and promoting CGS systems in the broader market.”

Deluxe Digital Cinema’s services includes mastering for multiple-language 2D or 3D motion pictures; subtitling, titling and foreign titling; restoration and preservation; and digital effects such as title-sequence design, motion graphics and 3D animation.

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