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Red Echo Post Expands Service Offering with FilmLight’s Baselight


LR-Red Echo Post SuiteCincinnati-based commercial editorial facility Red Echo Post has installed a new Baselight ONE color grading system in an effort to round out its services. The addition of FilmLight’s Baselight means that the company can offer high-end color grading services, as well as editorial and audio, to clients.

Red Echo has built a dedicated color suite with carefully calibrated monitoring, allowing clients and colorists to concentrate on getting the look perfect.

“More and more of our clients wanted us to provide color grading, and it made sense for us to integrate it into our workflows,” said Tate Webb, editor and colorist at Red Echo Post. “We have top brands coming through, like Olay and Bounty, and only wanted to provide grading if we could do it properly.

“The entry-level pricing of the Baselight ONE made it possible for us to deliver this service cost-effectively,” he continued. “The result of this has not just been happier commercials clients, but more interest from local indie film producers. We have two movies going through the facility right now, which is great for diversifying our business, and great for the producers who have the best capabilities on their doorstep.”

Adding Baselight to Red Echo Post’s facilities allows the company to start work on color while the edit is still taking place, compressing the workflow and allowing the editor to see the finished look. Scenes can be tweaked at the last minute, and client reviews are easier.

“When we decided to introduce color grading we looked at all the available systems from around the world,” said Webb. “FilmLight has a good reputation, and we quickly came to love Baselight. It is an incredible price point for what we get, and as well as taking our own clients through the whole post we are now beginning to offer grading to other facilities in the area.”

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