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Production News Weekly January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018 03:00 | By

It has been a busy week and it looks like projects have been ramping up since the beginning of the New Year. Many new TV Pilots are in development and more will be coming in the following weeks. The one thing that I have noticed and has surprised me is that there are a number of new projects being produced in Houston. Austin, the state capital, has recently had their fair share but it has been a while since Houston has seen any real film or TV production.

Now, Houston will never be mistaken for Hollywood and factors like favorable tax breaks in neighboring states, such as Louisiana and New Mexico, mean the number of productions filmed in Houston, and the rest of Texas, has sharply declined this decade.

Let’s just hope this will be a start and the state can once again get behind some incentives to showcase the diversity and stories Houston has to tell.

Revisiting the sites that made these Houston films famous.

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