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Pixomondo Begins Construction on Virtual Production Studio in Toronto


PIxomondoVisual Effects company Pixomondo (PXO) has announced that it has begun construction on what will be one of Canada’s first virtual production studios based in Toronto. Scheduled to be completed by year’s end, it is expected to be the largest studio of its kind in the world, and it will be overseen by PXO Toronto/Montreal Head of Studio Mahmoud Rahnama.

PXO has designed a modular smart stage with multiple Toronto-based layouts that will be available for shoots, equipped with on-set PXO personnel for those using the company’s 3D environment creation services. Some of the technology partners involved in the new studio include Unreal Engine from Epic Games, LED manufacturer ROE Visual, and NVIDIA. Initial physical space and other equipment will be provided by TV/film equipment rental business, William F. White International.

Mayfair Equity Partners, who have owned a majority stake in PXO since 2018, is backing the new venture with a significant new financial commitment.

PXO CEO Jonny Slow commented: “It’s fantastic to be able to finally announce these new facilities, which represent a major milestone for PXO and a significant additional investment into our Toronto base. I am also delighted to be able to announce the involvement of Epic, ROE, NVIDIA, and William F. White, each of whom has been instrumental in supporting and facilitating our plan to bring a facility of this kind to one of the world’s largest production hubs.”

Virtual production is a fairly new concept in film and television, using LED technology for real-time “in-camera” visual effects that can be incorporated into the live action happening on the stage.

If you missed Below the Line‘s interview with Production Designer James Pearse Connelly, you can learn how his craft has been changed by the innovations offered by virtual production design for such studios.


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