Ana de Armas

Over the Weekend 12/14/20: SAG-AFTRA Shuts Down Lumina and More News

It was a slower-than-normal weekend, which may be since we’re getting closer to the holidays and productions have either wrapped or are getting ready to wrap for the holiday break. The biggest production-related news from the weekend is that a project called Lumina has essentially been shut down by SAG-AFTRA who put out a “DO NOT WORK” order on the project, since it  “failed to demonstrate its compliance with SAG-AFTRA’s required Covid-19 safety standards […]

No Picture

Over the Weekend 12/7/20: New Emmy Rules, Young Sheldon Pauses Again and More

Welcome back from the weekend, and we hope that everyone was able to relax a bit despite the pall of COVID hanging over all of us as number continue to increase. That’s a cheery way to start today’s news, isn’t it? Many states are starting to crackdown and reinstating lockdowns that we thought we were past, and we’re only a few weeks away from seeing whether production will be able […]

Thirteen Lives

Over the Weekend 11/20/20: L.A. Production Continues Through Tighter Protocols, Ron Howard Plans Thirteen Lives Shoot and More

Welcome back from the extended Thanksgiving weekend where we hope everyone was able to see their families and remain safe, as COVID-19 levels continued to spike across the entire country including New York. Presumably, many productions took some time off last week, although the worries of production being halted may have caused some to rethink going home instead of staying in place in the various production bubbles that have been […]


Over the Weekend 11/23/20: Black Panther 2 Sets Production Date, Stranger Things Casting and More News

Welcome back, and we hope everyone had a great weekend! We don’t know about you, our readers, but here at Below the Line, we’ll be thankful on Thursday that production has resumed with strict COVID protocols despite the number COVID infections going up and up everywhere in the United States and abroad as things begin shutting down again. The best news from late last week was that Marvel Studios — […]


Over the Weekend 11/16/20: Bosch Delays, Netflix Series Renewal and More Production News

  We hope everyone had a good weekend. Sadly, we have to start this week’s “Over the Weekend” with more sad news about production delays due to COVID, as the seventh and final season of Amazon Studio‘s Bosch has shut down production for a week due to a positive COVID test, according to Deadline. The shutdown on the series starring Titus Welliver is Amazon’s longest running series, and the single positive test, part of […]


Over the Weekend 11/2/20: More Blumhouse Projects, Masterchef Production Resumes and More

Welcome back, and we hope that you all had a great weekend. It’s officially November, and the weekend before the United States Presidential election was considerably slower than usual. Producer David Rodriguez, whose credits include The Chi, Queen of the South and Dick Wolf‘s Chicago TV series, died last week at the age of 50 due to complications from a stroke. Rodriguez worked steadily in film and television production since 2004 as a writer, director and producer, […]


Over the Weekend 10/26/20: Quibi Gets Cancelled, Reagan and Aretha Hit by COVID and More News

Welcome Back and Happy Monday! Been a while since we’ve done one of these updates due to yours truly being on a semi-vacation, so we’re playing a little bit of catch-up, although there has been some significant movement in the world of film and television production. Unfortunately, we’re going to start with the bad news, and that is a couple productions that had to temporarily shutdown due to COVID-19. The […]