Killer Tracks Partners with Wax Ltd. – Launch of New Production Music Label Audio Wax

Killer Tracks, a Universal Publishing Production Music company, has partnered with independent record label Wax Ltd. To launch the new production music label Audio Wax. Multi-platinum-selling producers/songwriters and Wax Ltd. Founders Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry will be leading the Audio Wax label. Audio Wax’s label is being launched with four albums, and will span anthemic rock, indie/alternative, motivational and uplifting/atmospheric music. For the recordings, Gagel and Barry enlisted musicians […]


Contenders: Re-recording Mixers, Mike Prestwood Smith, Michael Keller, Mary Poppins Returns

For Mary Poppins Returns, one of the biggest challenges was making the spoken word smoothly transition into the musical sequences. Once the sound and music editing teams prepared all the dialogue and production tracks, singing pre-records, ADR, hard effects, ambiances, foley and music tracks, the various audio elements had to be combined in a process that makes a grounded, believable soundtrack. That was where re-recording mixers Mike Prestwood Smith and Michael Keller came in. […]


Contender: Composer Terence Blanchard, BlacKkKlansman

“The overall thing about Spike’s films is an undertone of we are all the same. We are all human beings. We are all Americans. I’m always trying to write themes that speak to that idea. That is one of the reasons we use orchestra as much as we can,” shared composer Terrance Blanchard who has worked with director Spike Lee since the beginning of both their filmmaking careers. He felt he has grown as an artist along with the director. […]


Contender: Brian Tyler, Composer Crazy Rich Asians

Composer Brian Tyler’s first impression of Crazy Rich Asians was that of a modern romantic comedy set in contemporary Singapore. However, after seeing the footage shot by director Jon Chu, he realized the story felt and looked much bigger. “The film was more of an old school Hollywood romance with social underpinnings and themes about family and who we are,” said Tyler. […]


Rise’s Musical Accompaniment and Arrangement

From executive producer and showrunner Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) comes this gripping high school musical drama series as English teacher Lou Mazzuchelli (Josh Radnor) unexpectedly takes over the drama program to push the bounds of self-expression and creativity going against the grain by putting on a more risqué production in the musical Spring Awakening. As the show uses the music from an existing musical, the numbers must the […]

Kenny Aronoff
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Netflix’s Documentary on the Backbone of The Music Industry – Hired Gun

    Kenny Aronoff. Nita Strauss. Rudy Sarzo. Liberty DeVitto. Derek St. Holmes. You’ve heard their music and have seen them perform, but more than likely you’ve heard their names. In Fran Strine’s feature-length documentary, Hired Gun, now on Netflix, studio and touring musicians in pop and rock music are given the rare chance to get first billing and tell their stories. “It opened my eyes to appreciate these guys,” […]


Oscar Nominated Best Song: Diane Warren and Common Stand Up For Something

  Written for the movie Marshall, the genesis of the Diane Warren and Common collaboration, Stand Up for Something, began with two lines that “just popped” into Warren’s head: “It all means nothing, if you don’t stand up for something.” “It’s so simple, but it’s profound, because it’s really the truth,” stated Warren. “If you can really write that. If you can make that into a song…” Warren wanted a […]


Composer Carter Burwell Illuminates His Process on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

From the Coen Bros. to Charlie Kaufman and now Martin McDonagh, Carter Burwell is known for his unique sensibility and flawless scores. In the spirit of his generosity of self this busy Awards Season, Below the Line presents an uncut Q & A session with the master Composer and lets the love flow. Below the Line: When you start out on a film do you first create an aural template/overall […]