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TÁR Costume Designer Bina Daigler on Dressing a Highly Successful Character and Working With Cate Blanchett

Earlier today, Todd Field‘s drama TÁR was named Best Picture by the New York Film Critics Circle, which also gave Cate Blanchett its Best Actress award on the strength of her latest acting clinic. She completely embodies Lydia Tár, a complex but inherently dislikable though still successful woman whose ambitions have driven her to become a world-class conductor — though she doesn’t reach the top without stepping on and over […]

From Scratch
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From Scratch Costume Designer Amanda Riley on European Fashion, Superhero Shows, and Staying True to Characters

In Netflix’s adaptation of Tembi Locke’s book From Scratch, Amy Wheeler (Zoe Saldaña) finds unexpected romance in Italy. One of the key below-the-line elements of this engaging international limited series is its costume design, as the characters’ clothing reflects their national origins and the times they live in, which transform over the course of the show’s eight episodes. Below the Line recently spoke to veteran Costume Designer Amanda Riley about […]

Reboot Hulu
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Reboot Costume Designer Reiko Schoenfeld on Subtle Style Trends, Sitcoms, and How JAG Instilled a Good Work Ethic in Her

Hulu’s Reboot takes audiences behind the scenes of a phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly popular in today’s TV landscape — the revival series. From Sex and the City to Frasier, it seems like every ’90s hit is ripe for resurrection these days, and networks are looking to mine their IP just like movie studios do. While Reboot‘s show-within-a-show, Step Right Up, may not be real, it certainly feels like a show […]

Catherine Martin

Oscar-Winning Costume-Production-Set Designer Catherine Martin to Receive Australian Film Academy’s Highest Honor

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) has announced that Oscar winner Catherine Martin, the veteran Costume, Production, and Set Designer, will receive its highest honor — the prestigious Longford Lyell Award. No Australian has won more Oscars than Martin, who has taken home four little gold men along with five BAFTAs and five Australian Film Institute Awards, plus a Tony Award and three AACTAs, as well as […]

Sandy Powell

SCAD Savannah Film Festival to Honor Oscar-Winning Costume Designer Sandy Powell for New Movie Living

The Savannah College of Art and Design is celebrating the 25th year of the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, the largest university-run film festival in the U.S., which will take place in person this year from Oct. 22–29. This year, SCAD will honor Sandy Powell with the Variety Creative Impact Award in Costume Design for Living, the upcoming Sony Classics movie starring Bill Nighy in one of his very best performances. Powell is a […]

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Costume Designers Guild Unveils Awards Timeline and Location for 2023 CDGA Ceremony

The awards timeline and location have been announced for the 25th Costume Designers Guild Awards. Celebrating excellence in film, television, and short-form costume design, the annual CDGA ceremony will take place on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023, at the Fairmont Century Plaza. Nominations will be revealed on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. Additional details regarding the ceremony’s host, presenters, honorees, sponsors, and more will also be announced in the coming months. The CDG includes […]

CDG Board

Costume Designers Guild Sets New Executive Board Under President Terry Gordon

The Costume Designers Guild (IATSE Local 892) has announced a new Executive Board that includes Catherine Adair, Phillip Boutte, Salvador Perez, and Nancy Steiner as members at large. Terry Gordon serves as the President of the CDG, while Ivy Thaide serves as Vice President, Kristin Ingram serves as Secretary, and Nanrose Buchman serves as the guild’s treasurer. Meanwhile, David Matwijkow serves as the Assistant Costume Designer Representative, while Oksana Nedavinaya is […]

The First Lady

The First Lady Costume Designer Signe Sejlund on Referencing Iconic White House Looks Through the Decades

Throughout history, the title of the First Lady of the United States has been none other than the “hostess of the White House.” As the wife of the President, her duties are varied — some involve political agendas and management of the White House and its staff, while others include championing social causes and standing by her man at official events and ceremonies. The First Ladies have each made their […]

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Loki Costume Designer Christine Wada on Creating a Distinct Look for Marvel’s Time-Traveling Series

The Disney+ and Marvel Studios series Loki focuses on Tom Hiddleston’s prankster god, who was introduced all the way back in 2011’s Thor. Instead of being about Asgard and Loki’s relationship with his hammer-wielding brother, the show instead focuses on Loki being tried for his crimes… against time. Season 1 of Loki consisted of just six episodes, but it makes the most of each one, as we meet the TVA […]

Michael Clancy

Michael Clancy, Costume Designer for Blue Bloods and Several James Gray Movies, Dies

Michael Clancy, who served as the longtime costume designer on the hit TV series Blue Bloods as well as several James Gray movies, has died. His passing was announced July 29 on Instagram by his friend and fellow costume designer, Naomi Wolff Lachter. Clancy got his start on the Disney Channel series Avonlea before making the jump to features in 1993 with Ang Lee‘s The Wedding Banquet and Abel Ferrara‘s […]