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2017 Producers Guild Awards: Winners & Honors

Usually viewed as a harbinger of the Oscars, the 2017 Annual Producers Guild Awards crowned La La Land with their prestiges Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures. Special Honorees included James L. Brooks, who received the lauded Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television, while producer, Megan Ellison won the Visionary Award and Sony‘s Tom Rothman received the Milestone Award. Also on the docket in the […]


Life, Animated – Roger Ross Williams

This unbelievable, yet true, life story all began when a three-year-old disappeared. Not the horrible found in the woods type of disappeared, but suddenly he was lost to his family, stuck within the confines of his own head. It seemed as if he was just inextricably “gone.” When Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Ron Suskind and his wife Cornelia Anne Kennedy brought their suddenly mute and distracted son to the doctor, […]


Contender – Marcelo Zarvos, Fences

“We all know people who are lovable AND extremely hurtful,” began Marcelo Zarvos, the young looking composer of the movie, Fences. When Zarvos was first given the Fences script, he had already loved August Wilson’s play: a family saga with a blue-collar, frustrated, African American father at its center. Shot in hardboiled, dreary Pittsburgh, PA., Denzel Washington both directs and stars as Troy, the intimidating, verbose, and often cruel patriarch, […]



Director Garth Jennings, known for the marvelous film The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, has brought us another holiday season blockbuster, with the animated Sing. The multi award winning cast stars Matthew McConaughey, as Buster Moon, a theatre owner who just happens to be a koala bear. Reese Witherspoon is the voice behind hardworking mom and pig, Rosita, who pushed her singing and dancing ambitions when she was a teenager, to […]

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Below The Line Screening Series Presents Fences

Below the Line recently hosted a screening of Fences, based on the magnificently brutal, Pulitzer Prize winning play by August Wilson, Fences is a family drama directed by the lauded Denzel Washington. Washington serves double duty on the project as he also plays the fifty year old Troy, a hard working garbage collector in sullen 1950s Pittsburgh. Despite his inherent athletic talents, Troy’s burden to bear is that he was […]


The Eagle Huntress

Set in the sprawling, exotic locale of Western Mongolia, The Eagle Huntress is an exhilarating peek into the highly unique lives of a family preparing for the region’s prestigious 18th annual Golden Eagle Festival. Every October, over seventy veteran fox hunters arrive from as far as China, to display their honed skills and compete on a national level. The long enmeshed tradition has been for fathers to train sons in […]


Humanity & Frustration in Toni Erdmann

It’s truly rare to see a genuine relationship between father and daughter on film. Several storytellers have tried in recent years, in movies such as The Descendants (2011), Amelie (2000), and Noah (2014), but more often than not, the father figure is often viewed as hapless or finally, the hero, much like in the charming remake of Father of The Bride (1991), and every small child’s fantasy, A Little Princess (1995), […]


Outlaws and Angels

Director JT Mollner serves up a gripping, desolate Western/Thriller hybrid in his new film, Outlaws and Angels. Loosely based on his short film, Henry John and the Little Bug from 2009, Mollner expanded his original story into a terrifying home invasion scenario. He also wanted to explore the family dynamic within the patriarchal, lawless old West. He aimed to “make a movie that was contained, but also felt like there […]

Art Direction

Black Sails in 2016

The last time we left off with the Emmy Award winning hit show, Black Sails, the crew was preparing for an imminent hurricane. The drama, which is set twenty years before Robert Louis Stevenson‘s book, Treasure Island, did not disappoint in epic twists and adventures this season. Period pieces are notoriously difficult to shoot, especially when trying to film a boat shot on land in a studio backlot. As a […]

Mindy Kaling, Salvador Perez
Costume Design

The Mindy Project’s Costume Designer, Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez is sort of a big shot around here. Some, in fact, say he is a living legend. Not only is Perez the prolific wizard behind Mindy Kaling‘s fabulous and empowering costume designs on her eponymous show, he inspires women everywhere to be confident. Before The Mindy Project, Perez was designing on the 2012 made for television movie, Liz and Dick with Lindsay Lohan. He explained that well, after […]