The Louisiana Model

When Louisiana became the first state to pass entertainment industry tax incentives in 2002, no one could have known that in less than a decade the state would be the third most popular film and television location in the U.S. Indeed, Louisiana has a chance to log a record 150 filming applications this year and to see local film and TV in-state spending for the first time top $1 billion. […]


The Second Coming of Kevin Smith and the Next Big Step for the New Independents

He was big and he was loud and he was on a roll. First he introduced himself as, “That fat guy that got thrown off the plane. And he made, Clerks once,” references to an incident last February where he was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight by the captain who felt his girth put other passengers at risk, and to his 1994 breakout indie hit. More self-deprecating humor followed. […]


Credit the 30% Tax Credit: Shooting ‘Em Up in Chicago

Hollywood’s been braving the cold, shooting on the ‘L’ and eating plenty of the world’s best pizza – 2010 was a banner year for filming in Chicago. Michael Bay‘s Transformers 3, Ron Howard’s The Dilemma, Steven Soderbergh’s The Contagion, and Jake Kasdan’s, Bad Teacher, each contributed to the record $161 million spent filming in the Windy City last year. That number represented a 54 percent increase over a dismal 2009. […]


New York Pulls in Productions With Billions in Incentives

Sublet your place, drop the dog off with your mom and hop on the redeye: that’s no typo. The state of New York has committed more than $2 billion in incentives for film and television productions over the next five years. This is a story about how New York taxpayers created the largest pool of incentive money of any state to date, how some of it in the next five years could indirectly wind up in your pocket, and about how so far, the strategy seems to be working. […]


Hal Needham’s Daredevil Hollywood Career

In one of the most iconic careers in Hollywood history, Hal Needham flew rocket-powered cars and trucks, every manner of conventional vehicle, and most pointedly, his body, through the air while producers, directors and fellow stuntmen and women held their collective breath hoping for two things: that he would survive and that they’d get the shot in one take. […]