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Cinema Audio Society to Honor Re-Recording Mixer Andy Nelson


The Cinema Audio Society announced that it will honor re-recording mixer, Andy Nelson with its Career Achievement Award, to be presented at the 50th CAS Awards, Feb. 22 in the Crystal Ballroom of the historic Millennium-Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles.

“Andy is a longtime colleague, and I have had the pleasure of watching Andy skyrocket to the top of our craft over these last few years,” CAS president, David Fluhr said. “Andy’s easygoing demeanor, natural mixing and storytelling talents, along with his ability to guide large productions with ease and confidence, have led the CAS board of directors to bestow this honor.”
LR-Andy Nelson, photo credit Holger Hoetzel-email

Andy Nelson / photo by Holger Hoetzel
Andy Nelson / photo by Holger Hoetzel
Growing up in London and pursuing his love of film, Nelson started work as a projectionist at the local cinema at 16 years old. He was already putting music to his 8mm films at home when he started his apprenticeship in a local documentary film company. He was eventually accepted into the BBC Film Department and by the late 1970s was in the mixing seat.

The next stop was an independent studio in Soho, London where Nelson handled many music projects, his other great passion, and was introduced to the world of features when working with the late Ken Russell. In 1983 he moved to Shepperton Studios work again with Russell, Nic Roeg and Stanley Kubrick.

In 1987 Nelson was offered the position of director of sound at Film House in Toronto. He was soon offered a position with Todd A-O Studios. Working in Stage A, the legendary sound room in Hollywood, allowed him the opportunity to mix for filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Brian de Palma, Adrian Lyne, Warren Beatty and Alan Parker.

In 1999, Nelson moved across town to Fox Studios where he has worked for 14 years and also serves as senior vice president sound operations.

Over his 35 year-long career, Nelson has been the re-recording mixer on more than 140 feature films, including Lincoln, Rise of the Guardians, War Horse, Super 8, Avatar, Star Trek, Blood Diamond, War of the Worlds, The Las Samurai, Seabiscuit, Catch Me If You Can, Shrek, The Insider, The Thin Red Line, The X-Files, Evita, Schlinder’s List and Gorillas in the Mist.

As the 32nd recipient of the CAS’ highest honor, Nelson joins past honorees including Ray Dolby, Robert Altman, Jack Solomon, John Bonner, Bill Varney, Don Rogers, Walter Murch, Jim Webb, Richard Portman, Tomlinson Holman, Mike Minkler, Ed Greene, Dennis Sands, Dennis L. Maitland, Sr., Randy Thom, Jeffrey S. Wexler, Scott Millan, and Chris Newman.

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