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Chick Chocs review


By April MacIntyrePerfect for craft service tables and production offices, Chick Chocolates is a new line of fine, female-inspired chocolates that—with a touch of humor and a bit of a health spin—bring down the guilt quotient of gorging helplessly on candy.Created by CEO and “chief chick” Jean Thompson, the treats are made with kosher chocolate from Germany. They come in three types: calcium fortified, milk chocolate Strong Chick, which provides about 50% RDA (470 mg) of calcium for an average adult; Extreme Chick, made of 55% cocoa dark chocolate with added cocoa nibs; and Nutty Chick, which combines milk chocolate with toffee and almonds.Chick Chocolates is one of the sponsors of “Working Women Below The Line, The Real Women In Hollywood” calendar, benefiting Los Angeles cancer support center weSPARK. Naturally, we felt it necessary to try these out for ourselves. What follows is Below the Line’s unscientific but completely reliable reviews:XTREME CHICKApril, film & TV production liaison: “I like the dark chocolate Xtreme Chick best, but the Strong Chick has calcium so I am compelled to eat it on a daily basis. I didn’t care for the Nutty Chick.”Daniel, distribution manager: “Exquisite. Dark chocolate without the bitterness.”Naida, associate publisher: “Yummm. The nibs work.”Sam, Brit managing editor: “This is the best American chocolate I’ve tasted. Dark, sumptuous and the chunky nibs linger deliciously after the rest has melted.”Charles, production manager: “What is a cocoa nib? By far my favorite, because I like my chocolate like I like my women: dark, sweet and rich.”Mark, columnist: “It’s a deep chocolate. Has a good melting factor. Thus coats the tongue pleasingly with lots of Xtreme chocolate.”Biz, office manager: “The chocolate could be a little smoother. It’s the best of the three.”STRONG CHICKSully, publisher’s son (pictured): “I like it. They’re girlie.”Charles: “I’ve never been a real big fan of milk chocolate. It’s a little too milky for my taste.”Rachel, publisher’s sister: “Mmm. Wow. It’s good. Smooth.”Sam: “This milk chocolate is very smooth. It reminds me of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk from back home. I like this the best.”NUTTY CHICKCharles: “Sounds like it was named after my ex-girlfriend. It’s good, but it could have more nuts. I was expecting a big almond in the middle of each one. Was anyone offended by the name?”Daniel: “I’ve known many nutty chicks in my time, and this one takes the cake. I’m glad the girls in the office don’t care for it, because it means more nutty chick(s) for me.”Peter, editor-in-chief: “Hey, where’s mine?”Chick Chocolates:;1.800.334.3600“Working Women Below The Line, The Real Women In Hollywood” calendar:;

Written by April MacIntyre

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