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Cooke Lenses for Red Camera


Precision lens manufacturer, Cooke Optics recently unveiled the Cooke Red Set � a package of four standard Cooke S4/i lenses offering a range of focal lengths from 15mm through 100mm, all specially engraved with red lettering.
The set will sell for approximately $97,250.00 and is expected to ship in January. The lenses incorporated Cooke�s /i �Intelligent� technology that enables film and digital cameras to automatically record key lens and camera data for every film frame, which can then be provided digitally to postproduction teams. Red has built /i contacts into the camera�s lens mount, however the company has yet to enable the /i protocol on its cameras.
The set of lenses includes an S4/i 15�40mm, T2.0 CXX zoom lens; an S4/i 50mm, T2.0 prime lens; an S4/i 75mm, T2.0 prime lens; and an S4/i 100mm, T2.0 prime lens
Taking a page out of Red�s playbook, customers can reserve the Cooke Red Set with a 10 percent deposit.
Meanwhile, Red recently announced that production of its 4K cameras is on hold while the company implements a series of upgrades, enabling more features and stabilizing the firmware. The upgrades include a new daughter board to the sensor designed to increase dynamic range and reduce noise, and a new PL mount system that is user adjustable, stable and does not use shims. The company is promising to retrofit the 100 cameras that it has already shipped with the upgrades before production begins again.
�Scott Lehane

Written by Scott Lehane

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