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Pushing Daisies Relies on Avid ScriptSync


By Scott Lehane
For the upcoming Warner Bros. series Pushing Daisies, airing on ABC this fall, Avid editor Stuart Bass says he’s been facing “a feature shooting schedule, with a television post schedule.”
Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and produced by writer-producer Bryan Fuller, Pushing Daisies is the story of a mild-mannered baker who has ability to return someone dead briefly back to life. The series was picked up for 12 episodes after a $5.5-million pilot produced earlier this spring.
To meet the tight deadlines and turn around the episodes quickly, Bass is relying on the latest version of Avid Media Composer (version 2.7), which includes the Avid’s new ScriptSync — a script-based editing tool that uses phonetic speech recognition technology to automatically sync the script text with the footage.
He reported that ScriptSync is saving huge amounts of time in postproduction and that “if I didn’t have ScriptSync — we would end up working many more hours, and I don’t think there are any more hours in a day.”
He explained that he’s been using Avid’s script-based editing tools for the past few years, starting with Arrested Development. But with previous versions, an assistant editor had to manually go through the footage and sync it to the script.
“That involved an assistant editor marking every line of dialog and that’s perhaps a two-hour project every day, but it pays off in the editing room when the director or the producers come in and they want to see alternative lines of dialogue,” he said.
“So it’s taken quite a bit of the work off of the assistant editor that had to do this process manually, so things that would haven taken a couple hours might only take half-an-hour now,” he said.
He explained that stylistically his role on Pushing Daisies is to “let the footage speak for itself.”

Written by Scott Lehane

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