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FilmLA Issues Annual Report on Los Angeles Sound Stage Production


Photo courtesy FilmLA

FilmLA has issued a huge annual report on the state of Los Angeles Sound Stage Production from the data it aggregates from the regional film office of Greater Los Angeles, which covers feature films, television, commercials and smaller productions.

Most of FilmLA’s monthly updates focus on location shoots, which require film permits that require productions to go through FilmLA, but in a bit of a shift, it’s put together a report for production on certified sound stages that don’t require such permits. It mentions that besides the major Hollywood studios, Los Angeles County also has dozens of independently-owned certified sound stages.

According to the report, the purpose is to “provide a more comprehensive picture of “behind the scenes” production activity on certified sound stages in Los Angeles County. The report is made possible by a unique data-sharing partnership with a select group of 13 studio partners, who by entrusting FilmLA with sensitive business information, help to bring the local production picture into clearer focus.”

The third such report by FilmLA focuses on the calendar year of 2019 i.e. pre-COVID and is the first report shared on its website.

You can read the full report here, which includes interactive charts to focus in on specific areas of interest, and we’ll just hit some of the key points.

The report says that the Greater Los Angeles sound stage infrastructure includes 54 studio production facilities with 394 certified sound stages and 5,300,000 square feet of certified production space. The report includes a graph showing how that last number compares to other areas of production.


A couple of the studios taking part in the study, include Quixote North Valley Studios, which opened in Pacoima in 2019 and has five stages totaling approximately 75K square feet. LA North Studios’ second and third Santa Clarita-based facilities, added another stage of approximately 8K square feet in size at the second facility in 2020, and two at 44,250 and 55,750 at their third facility, which just opened in March. Quixote Studios Co-Founder Jordan Kitaen said about the report and status of production in L.A.: “We have entered another golden age of television that will dwarf what has come before, and Los Angeles is the epicenter. All eyes are on LA for the foreseeable future.”

You can also see a graph of the location of most of the sound stages by region below:

Graph courtesy FilmLA

All graphs and charts courtesy of FilmLA.

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