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Hump Day News Update 7/21/21: American Horror Story Hit by COVID, Potential Blade Director, and More News

Happy Hump Day! Unfortunately, we have to start things off with more bad news about a production being affected by COVID-19, just one single day after the unions and management came to a new agreement re: COVID protocols, incoporating the advent of vaccinatons that weren’t available last September when the original agreement was signed. This time, it’s Ryan Murphy‘s American Horror Story that’s been affected, as it had to pause production for a […]

Star Trek

Hump Day News Update 7/14/21: WandaVision Helmer Taking on Star Trek, Vince Gilligan Reups, and More News

Happy Hump Day! I’m sure we’re all still reeling and recovering from yesterday’s Emmy nominations, and hopefully, you’ve already checked out some of the reactions from the talented craft people who received nominations. I certainly have some thoughts, but I’m going to leave it up to BTL’s Neil Turitz to share his thoughts later this week. (I will say that the biggest snub in my mind was Steve McQueen‘s Small Axe Anthology, and the […]

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Hump Day News Update: Production is Back! General Hospital Star Stuart Damon Dies, and More News

This was a pretty exciting week for those who have been following production and how things have slowly geared up and reopened under COVID-19 protocols over the past year, because it certainly seems like production is close to back to where it was before COVID shut it all down last March. Four major productions, including three anticipated sequels, began this week with some of the filmmakers and studios sharing the […]

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Hump Day News Update: Spielberg and Netflix Make Nice, Disney Finds New Snow White, Peabody Awards and More News

So let’s see what’s going on in the middle of the week? After decrying Netflix in the past, suggesting that it may be hurting cinema and that the streamer network’s movies shouldn’t be eligible for Oscars, Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg seems to have changed his mind. This past week, Spielberg’s Amblin Partners signed a deal to make movies for the leading streaming service. Spielberg had made the derogatory statements towards Netflix two years ago, but […]

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Hump Day News Update 6/16/21: The Grove Gets a Savior? Spielberg Butters up His Younger Sister, and More News

Batten down the hatches, because today is gonna be a big-time hump day full of industry news! First some good news for those in L.A. reading this who were disappointed to hear a few months back about the closing of a number of Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theaters, rather than reopening after all movie theaters in the county were closed down due to the Covid pandemic. It looks like AMC is nearing a […]


Hump Day News Update 5/5/21: More Oscar Controversy, Kingsley as Dali, McGregor as Halston, and More News

I’m guessing many people reading this might be thinking, “What is this?” Well, it was bound to happen, but the industry is actually getting to the point where there’s a lot more news each day, so by the time I finish the Over the Weekend column on Mondays, there’s already so much news that it doesn’t make sense to save it all until Friday. So for the time being, the […]