Nena Erb

Insecure Editor Nena Erb on Saying Goodbye to a Special Show, Below-the-Line Representation, and Competing With TV’s Titans

Insecure aired its fifth and final season late last year, bringing the story of its protagonist, Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae, to a close. Throughout its run, the Emmy-winning HBO comedy series has gotten creative with how it interacts with its audience, specifically the way its main character speaks to another version of herself in the mirror. For its fifth season, Insecure received three Emmy nominations, including a bid […]


John Michael McDonagh and Producer/Editor Elizabeth Eves on the Challenge of Making The Forgiven in the Sahara During a Pandemic

John Michael McDonagh came onto the scene with the one-two punch of The Guard in 2011 and Calvary in 2014, both of which were character-driven crime dramas set in the Irish filmmaker’s homeland that starred Brendan Gleeson. 2016’s War on Everyone was a very different kind of movie, a buddy crime-comedy starring Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña, and his new movie, The Forgiven, is another pivot from a director who […]

The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back Editor Jabez Olssen on Cutting the Band’s Improvised Gems, Syncing Old Audio, and Working With Peter Jackson

For The Beatles: Get Back, which is one of the most ambitious documentaries in recent years, Peter Jackson‘s longtime editor Jabez Olssen had to sift through nearly 200 hours of archival video footage and audio. At one point, the documentary was planned for a theatrical release, but because of the pandemic, Jackson and his producing partners made the call to release it as a multi-part series on Disney+. At this point, the running time no […]

Qvest logo

Qvest Unveils New Remote Editing Solution for Professional Online-Based Video Editing

Qvest has announced a new remote editing solution tailored to the current needs of broadcasters, publishers, network agencies, and post-production specialists. The basis for it is the qibb integration platform by Techtriq, which enables professional media workflows in the cloud, resulting in limitless collaboration and greater efficiency. Qvest’s cloud-native editing solution enables media professionals to edit video files in a highly intuitive and efficient way, with complete flexibility wherever they work thanks […]

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere All at Once Editor Paul Rogers on the Importance of Experimentation

Continuing our coverage of Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at Once, the absurdist sci-fi action comedy starring Michelle Yeoh that has been doing impressive business at the box office despite one of the oddest premises of any movie to hit theaters this year.  The intricate concept for the film thrusts Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang (and the rest of her dysfunctional family) into a number of alternate universes where we see how things may have turned […]

Jennifer Barbot

Bel-Air Pilot Editor Jennifer Barbot on Setting the Tone for Will Smith’s Peacock Series

We recently spoke to Corey Kaplan, the production designer behind Season 1 of the new Peacock series Bel-Air. This week, we chat with Jennifer Barbot, who edited the Bel-Air pilot and has worked on shows as varied as The Man in the High Castle, Ugly Betty, and Revenge. Bel-Air stars Jabari Banks as Will Smith, a well-meaning teenager from West Philadelphia who goes to live with upper-class family members in Bel-Air, including his […]

Gemma Jackson

The Outfit: Dick Pope, Gemma Jackson and William Goldenberg on Making the Mark Rylance Movie

A fashionable men’s clothing store hides deadly secrets in The Outfit, a new thriller from Focus Features that opens exclusively in theaters on March 18. The film marks the directing debut of novelist/screenwriter Graham Moore (The Imitation Game) and stars Oscar winner Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) as Leonard Burling, who prides himself in being a “cutter” rather than a mere tailor. Moore and Johnathan McClain co-wrote the script, which […]

The Whale

The Year’s Most Anticipated Movies From a Below-the-Line Perspective

The Batman and Scream were my two most anticipated movies of the year, and with the former currently playing in theaters and the latter now available On Demand, it’s time to turn our attention to my other Most Anticipated Movies of the Year, albeit with a below-the-line twist this time around. Rather than simply discuss the movies I can’t wait to see, I thought I’d highlight the crafts and below-the-line […]

Peter Sciberras

The Power of the Dog Editor Peter Sciberras on Dailies, Pandemic Curveballs, and the Academy’s “Disappointing” Decision

When film editor Peter Sciberras first heard that Jane Campion wanted to meet with him to discuss a film titled The Power of the Dog, he wasn’t familiar with the source material. A quick Google search yielded the Don Winslow book of the same name, which led him to initially think that Campion was making a cartel movie. Though that didn’t turn out to be the case, he was still surprised when he […]

No Picture

ACE Eddie Award Winners Include King Richard, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and Encanto

The American Cinema Editors (ACE) revealed the winners of the 72nd Annual ACE Eddie Awards on Saturday night at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The ACE Eddies recognize outstanding editing in film, television and documentaries, and this year, the top four prizes went to Pamela Martin for King Richard, Myron Kerstein and Andrew Weisblum for Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s directorial debut Tick, Tick… Boom!, Jeremy Milton for Disney’s animated movie Encanto, and Joshua L. Pearson […]