September 25, 2022
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Contender – Composer Carter Burwell, Carol

By Mary Ann Skweres

“It’s true that everyone is different and indeed everyone hears music differently,” commented composer Carter Burwell in sharing how he communicates with directors. “A piece that one director will think is melancholy, another director may think is joyful. By its nature, music is abstract and subjective, but generally speaking, the best way I find... »

Opinion: There Is An Advertising Revolution Taking Place

By Rupert Maconick

Last year alone, $600 billion was spent on traditional advertising. But there is a new advertising approach happening right now, which is a throwback to a bygone age: Brands are shifting away from traditional TV commercials to funding and sponsoring documentaries, television programs and specials, and films.  Brands will emerge as the film and... »

Contender – Editor Nathan Nugent, Room

By Mary Ann Skweres

According to Nathan Nugent, editor of Room, director Lenny Abrahamson is always open to changes on set. He had plans for how a scene was going to work, but he did not storyboard every scene. Rather he trusted the actors and their organic movement, taking how they work as a key. »

The Los Angeles Post Production Group Launches L.A. Post Fest

By Staff

The Los Angeles Post Production Group announced the launch of its first L.A. Post Fest, an innovative video editing competition where contestants will use their creativity, technical skills and storytelling abilities to successfully complete their own version of a professionally shot sci-fi short film. »

Contender – Costume Designer Jenny Eagan, Beasts of No Nation

By Michelle Paradis

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga's Beasts of No Nation takes a look at Agu's life as a child solider fighting in a civil war of an African country that is never named. The film, which was shot in Africa, tells a powerful visual story and costume designer Jenny Eagan's work contributes no small part. Eagan... »

Contender – Editor Joe Walker, Sicario

By Daron James

You know when you sit down to watch a film and it immediately cements you to your seat with that certain level of awe. It grabs hold of you and saturates your eyes with wonderment while you bravely ignore that acute pain building in your bladder… Director Denis Villeneuve’s film Sicario has that type... »

Video of the Day: He Named Me Malala Featurette: Animation

By Staff

Fox Searchlight released this behind-the-scenes video that explores the use of animation in Davis Guggenheim's feature documentary He Named Me Malala. The film is an intimate portrait of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was targeted by the Taliban and severely wounded by a gunshot when returning home on her school bus in... »

Sir Ridley Scott To Receive VES Lifetime Achievement Award

By Staff

The Visual Effects Society (VES) announced that director-producer Sir Ridley Scott will receive the VES Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contributions to filmed entertainment.  The award will be presented at the 14th Annual VES Awards, Feb. 2, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. »

The Sound of Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Michael Coleman

In this exclusive sound profile, SoundWorks Collection talks with supervising sound editor and sound designer Christopher Boyes from Skywalker Sound about his work on Avengers: Age of Ultron. »

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