January 29, 2022
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Star Wars, The Revenant and Game of Thrones Take Top Honors at the VES Awards

By Mark London Williams

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of running into the late Hunter S. Thompson in the press room of the Democratic convention. That particular year, the Republican incumbent was heavily favored to win re-election. So, I asked the good Doctor, why are you here? “I’m here for the odds,” he said. »

Contender – VFX Supervisor Andrew Jackson, Mad Max

By Scott Lehane

While much has been said about the stunning practical special effects of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road, shot largely in South Africa and the Namibian desert, for visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, one of the best compliments is when people don’t even realize that what they are watching is, in... »

Contender – VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers, The Martian

By Mark London Williams

Contrary to how the award-buzzy The Martian looks, it wasn’t actually shot on Mars, but mostly in Budapest. Though in addition to sound stages there, Earth-bound exteriors were scouted, including the Jordanian desert which offered, according to visual effects supervisor Richard Stammers, “far superior, far more interesting landscapes” than other deserts they’d looked at. »

Contender – VFX Supervisor Andrew Whitehurst, Ex Machina

By Phil Rhodes

An educational background in fine art doesn't directly suggest a career in visual effects. Andrew Whitehurst recalls with a smile that “If I'd been asked what I'd end up doing, I wouldn't have said VFX”. Combine the arts with “an interest in the moving image an interest in computers”, though, and the stage... »

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