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Sight, Sound & Story Goes Inside the Cutting Room of Sam O’Steen

Manhattan Edit Workshop‘s next Sight, Sound & Story: Live free online event series will take place on November 19 and take a deep dive look at legendary editor Sam O’Steen. It will be hosted by author and film historian Bobbie O’Steen along with a panel of seven editors. As per the description: Inside Episode V: This panel will honor legendary editor Sam O’Steen. He first found acclaim for his work in the late 1960s, at […]

End of Week Production Notes

End of Week Production Notes 10/30/20: Marvel’s Shang-Chi Wraps, Patrick Wilson Directs and More

It’s Halloween weekend, and it’s been a relatively busy week in the world of television and film production, but that also means it’s the end of October, and there are only two months left to 2020 with no clear signs we may getting over the ongoing pandemic anytime soon. With that in mind, we’ll begin with some good news from Marvel Studios that its third release for 2021, Shang-Chi and […]


Artist Profile: Composer Michael Giacchino Drops his Debut Album Travelogue Volume 1

If you were to reflect upon the roster of amazing composers from the past twenty years, it wouldn’t take long to arrive at Composer Michael Giacchino, whose Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning music has provided him quite a fanbase outside the amazing movie franchises in which he’s played a key role. 2004 probably could be seen as Giacchino’s breakout year, as he scored the JJ Abrams’ produced ABC series Lost […]

Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

Crafts Spotlight: Cinematographer Felix Cramer on Netflix Series Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

For the historical six-episode Netflix miniseries Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood, Cinematographer Felix Cramer was tasked with recreating early-20th century Munich, Germany. A native of that country himself, Cramer first inundated himself with 100 photos and graphics from the period. “I think, for us, it was really interesting to see how the Oktoberfest—especially because that is our main character in the show—has changed in these years,” said Cramer. To infuse Oktoberfest: […]

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Cinema Audio Society Supports the Sound Credit Initiative with Online Petition

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) has joined the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) and the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) in launching the next step in their joint Sound Credit Initiative, an online petition. The long and short of it is that re-recording engineers, sound editors and sound mixers feel like their vast contribution to the filmmaking process entitles them to a single sound credit card similar to other crafts like film editing, production design, […]


DoPchoice Releases Snapbag and Snapgrid for Creamsource Vortex8

DoPchoice now offers new versions of its popular Snapbag® and Snapgrid® light controllers to coincide with the release of Creamsource‘s new Vortex8. The Snapbag SBCV8 is built to mount on the Vortex8, offering a choice of 7 softening Snapbag lightboxes and with the newly re-designed Rabbit-Ears® attachment system, one can mount existing DopChoice Snapbags, such as the Snapbag Medium, the 3′,  5′, and 7′ Octas or the 3′ and 5’ spherical Lanterns. The […]


ARRI Upgrades Stellar to V2.3 for New Orbiter LED Fixture

ARRI has upgraded its lighting control app Stellar to v2.3 to include its recently-released Orbiter LED fixture. It also adds a “Multi Select” feature that allows adjustments to be made on the fly. From ARRI’s press release: “Stellar facilitates full control of Orbiter’s innovative features and allows for them to meld smoothly into a control system consisting of ARRI LED and third party fixtures. When used with Orbiter, Stellar allows you […]

Super Hornet

Hive Lighting Shipping Its Super Hornet 575-C LED Fixture

Hive Lighting has begun shipping its Super Hornet 575-C ultra-bright, tunable, and directional Omni-Color LED fixture to pre-order customers, and it also will be available immediately through the company’s dealer network. The Super Hornet 575-C is designed to be modular and compatible with available proprietary and 3rd party lightbanks, softboxes, and optics with modifiers such as Flood or PAR Spot Reflectors, Parabolic Umbrella, Lantern Softbox, and hundreds of other possible modifiers. […]

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The Winners of the 7th Annual LMGI Awards and Video of the Ceremony

The 7th Annual Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) Awards took place this past weekend  on Saturday, October 24, with an online awards presentation that honored a number of Location Professionals, as well as honorees Spike Lee, Christopher McQuarrie, Gary Sinise, and Veronique Vowell. It was hosted by Isaiah Mustafa. The motion picture winners were Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Last Black Man in San Francisco, while the television winners were HBO‘s Perry Mason, BBC America‘s Killing Eve and […]

Elegant Too

Artist Spotlight: Composers Elegant Too from Scare Me and Bob’s Burgers

There are many paths to the world of film and television scoring, but the duo known as “Elegant Too” – Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez – have established a name for themselves  with their quirky comedic music for shows like Bob’s Burgers and The Amy Schumer Show. They’ve also contributed to Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz and the Oscar-winning David O. Russell film, The Silver Linings Playbook. Most recently, they scored Josh […]