Conference Aims to Lure Productions Back to California

Content creators of all budget sizes gathered on the CBS backlot June 13 for the 8th annual Film in California Conference. Film offices from various cities and counties in California filled the stage nine floor with exhibits to showcase the visual and financial benefits of keeping production in the golden state. […]


Cine Gear Expo 2015

Cinematographers and camera crew filled the Paramount Pictures backlot for Cine Gear 2015, June 4-7. Two of the four days, June 5-6, featured exhibits by popular and up-and-coming gear purveyors ranging from pre-production to post. Below The Line sat down with a few key vendors to discuss the latest in cine-innovation. […]


Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment LA Showcase 2015

Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment hosted its LA Product Showcase, May 31. Cranes, trucks, cameras and crew filled the courtyard of the company’s Los Angeles facility, with attendees welcomed and encouraged to be hands on during equipment demonstrations and tours. Demonstrations included popular products such as the Pee Wee dolly and Titan Crane. The showcase show-stoppers, however, were the Cobra VT and the company’s newest innovation, the Miniscope. […]


Contender – Sound Editor Paul Ottosson, Fury

To present as authentic a war zone as possible, the filmmakers behind Fury got up close and personal with some of World War II’s most dangerous machines. For three-time Oscar winner and the film’s supervising sound editor, re-recording mixer and sound designer Paul Ottosson (Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker), this included being amongst the first team of sound professionals to record the sound of a German Tiger-1 tank for cinema as well as an American Sherman tank. “In a movie like this, you don’t get the ‘wow’ factor by trying to create a really cool sound. You get it by recording the actual sound the machines would make. Then, it’s how you build it and mix it to get a big ‘wow’ moment in the movie,” shared Ottosson. […]


Contender – Sound Mixer Steven Morrow, Get on Up

The sonic endeavor of Universal‘s Get on Up was to transport the audience to a live James Brown concert. Maintaining authenticity in every way possible was the goal of director Tate Taylor and his crew, including sound mixer Steven Morrow. Using original James Brown recordings and re-created live performances lensed by Stephen Goldblatt, transporting the movie theater audience to concert venue became possible. Said Morrow, “The director and studio were always really interested in making sure it was like going to a James Brown concert. You were going to hear the godfather of soul. Nobody can replace him so why would we try?” […]

Art Direction

Below The Line Screening Series Presents: Boyhood

Below The Line Screening Series presented a special screening of Boyhood for members Saturday, Dec 6, at the Chaplin Theater on the Raleigh Studios backlot. The film, introduced by writer and director Richard Linklater, was followed by a Q&A with editor Sandra Adair, casting director Beth Sepko and production designer Rodney Becker. […]


Below The Line Screening Series Presents: Whiplash

The Below The Line Screening Series presented Whiplash, a Sony Pictures Classics film, at Harmony Gold Wednesday November 19. A full house welcomed the film’s director Damien Chazelle, cinematographer Sharone Meir, composer Justin Hurwitz, editor Tom Cross, as well as sound editors and mixers Craig Mann and Ben Wilkins, and production sound mixer Thomas Curley, for a Q&A. […]