Union Roundup: New Rust Charges, and Disney’s Reedy Creek District, Where the Past Is Not Only Prologue But Epilogue, Too

“The past is never dead,” William Faulkner famously wrote, adding “it’s not even past.” The 20th-century literary icon and Nobel winner, who sojourned for a while in Hollywood to drink heavily and collect then-easy screenwriting money, was, of course, talking about the personal histories that ineluctably shape us. But being from the South, he was also aware of the broader weight of history, as well. Indeed, the region’s politics are […]

2007-08 Writers Strike

Union Roundup: Contract “Churn” in Hollywood’s New Year, Which Will Be a Crucial One on the Labor Front

When we last greeted you in this columnar space, we looked back on the year that was and opined that all in all, 2022 wasn’t that bad after all — considering what could have been. A much easier conclusion to come to, of course, for those of us who are housed during storms, fed on a regular basis, and so far, not in active war zones. But what will this […]

Women in Media

Union Roundup: Hollywood Gets in the Holiday Spirit to Toast What Was a Pretty Good Year… All Things Considered

The thing about the song “It Was a Very Good Year,” if you’re in the habit of listening to it at year’s end and wondering how it is that wall calendars go up and down so much faster than they used to, is that after the first few verses celebrating rambunctious youth, first loves and lusts (from a male perspective, granted — we need a definitive female cover of the […]

Stranger Things

Union Roundup: New Mexico Film Commissioner Amber Dodson Says the State Is in Showbiz for the Long Haul

Our post-election, Georgia Peach logo-meets-Wakanda Forever column drew an interesting email from the New Mexico Film Office. Would we be interested in chatting, they asked, now that their governor, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, has also been handily reelected, as the state seeks to emphasize its specific differences with Georgia? Before, this kind of conversation would have been restricted to differences in production tax incentives, and perhaps the square footage of […]

Lilah Obregon-Wilson

Union Roundup: Union Organizer for Music Supes Says Step Licensing Deals Are Growing Harder to Come By

So, nearly two weeks later, the election is almost wrapped up, and while it seems little substantive legislation will get done on the split-house Federal level over the next two years, American cultural shifts will keep moving around like tectonic plates in the hills near Hollister (look at the leadership changes on at least one side of the aisle, for example). Why, we’ve even had mail from at least one […]

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Union Roundup: Viewing the Election Results Through the Lens of Wakanda Forever‘s Georgia Peach Logo

While the role of this column isn’t to give you the big-picture political analysis you’ve either been mainlining or avoiding all week (especially given how wrong most of the mainstream pundits were with their false tsunami warnings), you already know the GOP underperformed in this election and there was, essentially, a kind of massive national “draw” between the parties, as opposed to a singular wave. As of this writing, on […]

Austin Film Festival 2022

Union Roundup: A Dispatch From the Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference, Where James Gray Deemed Cinema to Be “In a Strange Place” Now

Filing into the awards show luncheon, I immediately took an available seat facing the stage, as I usually do at, say, the VES or ASC awards, to better watch the speeches, awardees, and film clips. Only the twist here is that I was doing the journalist equivalent of breaking the fourth wall, or making like She-Hulk busting through the on-screen Disney+ menu — I was, in this instance, one of […]

Prime Cuts TV Academy

Union Roundup: Two Frames, One Afternoon — Editors and “Prime/Cuts” at the TV Academy

Seemingly energized after two consecutive weekends comprising three nights of Emmy Awards, the Television Academy, rather than rest, proceeded to launch into a series of “Prime/Cuts” events featuring past award winners and nominees in various disciplines talking about their work, and in many cases, how they wound up going from new-to-L.A. hopefuls to masters of their crafts. On one recent fall afternoon — we’d love to add “crisp,”, but it […]

Gen. Smedley Butler

Union Roundup: Is Amsterdam Hollywood’s First Response to January 6? Plus, the Rust Settlement and Hollywood’s Mask Mandates

In the column business, one sometimes hopes for a quiet stretch of time to perhaps ruminate on things in print. Perhaps not everything will be collapsing this week, or caught up in a frenzy, one thinks. One would usually be wrong, for there is always news. On the rumination side, it was hoped there might be a moment for some briefly sensational news from some 70-ish years back, that flickered […]

Dr. Giggles

Union Roundup: On Masks, Mandates, Oscars, and Orbs

Do you remember, before the hurricanes, the war in Europe, the repeal of women’s basic health rights in America, and everything else happening, that there was a pandemic? Hollywood still does. Indeed, they may be one of the last repositories of such institutional memory. As you read here, and other places over the weekend, Hollywood guilds and producers have agreed to extend the current Covid protocols. “The current Agreement, which […]