Parade of Carts – Ingenious Solutions for Production Sound

“I got my start when things were much simpler,” said veteran production sound mixer, Jeff Wexler, CAS, as he showcased his current sound cart, the seventh in his decades long career. His first cart, adapted from a rolling television table from Sears, which only “made it through one movie,” was followed by a sturdier cart originally intended for use in the food industry. And so the evolution of his carts began. […]


Contender – Sound Mixer Simon Hayes, Les Misérables

The buzz around town reported by some press has been that the singing in Les Misérables was unique because it was recorded live, something that had never been done before in a movie musical. Production sound mixer Simon Hayes wants to set the record straight. “That’s not what we’re claiming, and we never did claim it was the first time,” said Hayes. “Where Les Mis the movie is unique, and I think is groundbreaking and we are indeed the first, isn’t just the live singing element. What was really exciting about director Tom Hooper’s vision was that he didn’t want to tie the actor’s performances to a prerecorded track.” […]


Jennifer Yuh Nelson on the Passion and Creative Collaboration of Kung Fu Panda 2

In the Dreamworks Animation‘s action-packed Kung Fu Panda 2, Jack Black reprises the role as Po, the rotund Martial Arts Panda. Much of the crew also returned to work on the sequel, including director Jennifer Yuh, who was elevated from the story department to helm the film. Telling a darker story than that of the original film, the newest installment of what looks to be a continuing creative franchise, explores themes of family and identity as Po takes on his old enemy, Lord Shen (Gary Oldman). With an all-star cast voicing the characters, an Asian-influenced artistic style, intensely complex chase sequences and a series of Kung Fu fight scenes that rival their live-action counterparts, the film succeeds in engaging both children and adults alike. […]

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The State of Incentives

The entertainment industry is mobile, technologically clean, and capital and labor-intensive, making it an attractive business to many communities. Film production incentives by federal governments, various states and other local jurisdictions are enacted to encourage economic growth, build infrastructure and promote job creation. Aside from sales tax exemptions/refunds and hotel tax relief, cash rebates, tax credits, up-front and backend funding are the types of production incentives used to lure motion picture and television production companies to a specific country or state. Although incentive programs can change with ebb and flow of political tides, many are at an all-time high. […]