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2017 Oscar Nominations – Reactions


Below The Line has reactions from all the stars and crafts on their recent nominations for the 2017 Academy Awards.


Denis Villeneuve: “Best Director”

“I want to thank the Academy for acknowledging Arrival. It means so much to all of us. However, it is a little bittersweet. Amy Adams is the soul of Arrival, so I’m profoundly sad she did not get a nomination this morning.

Shawn Levy, Dan Levine (of 21 Laps/producers): “Best Feature”

Arrival was a labor of love from beginning to end. We are so proud of this film, anchored by the magnificent performance of Amy Adams. It was a special project to us and on behalf of the entire cast and crew we are deeply appreciative of this acknowledgement by the Academy.”

Eric Heisserer, first time Oscar nominee: “Best Adapted Screenplay”

“I’m so honored. This is a moment where I should be the most eloquent as a writer and yet I’m struggling to put this into words. To even share a list with such extraordinary screenwriters is inspiring in its own right. Thank you to the Academy!”

 Joe Walker: “Best Editing”

“I’m thrilled skinny to be nominated alongside so many members of the Arrival team this morning – it’s a huge rush.  It was an unusual project that was made with total passion – it’s been beyond our dreams to see how our little baby has thrived.”

 Patrice Vermette: “Best Production Design”.
“The honor is beyond imagination. I’m so proud to be part of this adventure. I would like to thank the Academy for recognizing this team and this movie.  Thank you Denis, I love you!”

Bradford Young: “Best Cinematography”

“It was such a privilege to work with an amazing director like Denis and the rest of the wonderful, radiant crew. My hat’s off to everyone who helped make this film.”

Sylvain Bellemare: “Best Sound Editing”

“I am so proud to share this with all the other nominees of Arrival! It is a special film with a deep reflection regarding language and communication. There is a great sound team behind it. It is a collective nomination.”


Meryl Streep: “Best Actress In A Leading Role”








Joel Harlow: “Best Makeup & Hairstyling”

“On behalf of Myself, Richie Alonzo, and a supremely talented crew of artisans and technicians with whom I share this recognition, I would like to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation to the Academy for this incredible honor. Star Trek marked its fiftieth anniversary in 2016, and as an homage to all of those filmmakers that came before, we took the opportunity to create over fifty unique and individual alien races for Star Trek Beyond, a challenge that had never been attempted before and was only made possible through the steadfast support of Paramount, J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, and Skydance, and the day to day collaborations with Justin Lin, Jeffery Chernov, Lindsey Weber, Simon Pegg, Doug Jung, Ron Ames and Helen Pollak.”


Asghar Farhadi, writer/director: “Best Foreign Language Film”

“It is a source of great happiness to me to be selected as a candidate for the Oscars for a third time. Having been previously nominated for my film, A Separation, in the Best Original Screenplay and Foreign Language Film categories, I am overwhelmed and honored by the Academy’s recognition of my newest film.  I wish to thank all my crew who so warmly accompanied my efforts to make The Salesman over the course of the last year. What I have strived for in my filmmaking has always been to create a sense of empathy toward my characters. Empathy meaning understanding the conditions and situations of other human beings who very much resemble us.”


Adam Valdez: “Best Visual Effects”

“It’s a dream to make a piece of work you are proud of with so many talented artists, then have audiences enjoy it. To be recognized by the academy is so special. I hope every artist who was a part of Jungle Book at MPC will feel pride in this nomination of our work. We are ever grateful to our friends at Disney, and director Jon Favreau for their belief in such an ambitious project, and in us.”

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