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Sideshow Studios Unveils 360° Virtual Reality Pre-Visualization for Award and Game Shows


Sideshow Studios has created a tool for 360° Virtual Reality pre-visualization as a major component of its Emmy award-winning pre-production, production and post-production services.

Currently producing a pre-vis package for a new music award show set to air in the fall, Sideshow will unveil their pre-visualization experience for award shows, game shows and other content formats, delivering producers and program executives total design environments in stereoscopic 360°

According to Peter Bailey, co-founder of Sideshow Studios, “It’s as close as you can get to being there.”

Co-founder and creative director Daniel Cordeniz provided 3D modeling of the environments, designed the set and motion graphics and created the 360 VR images used for the award show.

Sideshow’s unique VR design and technology reportedly allows for precise review of stage design; correct perspective of graphics and performer relationships; seating arrangements and audience spacing; camera and lighting grids and placements; and safety and fire marshal requirements.

In addition to launching VR services, Sideshow teams with television producers and program executives on format development. The studio created an animated pre-vis that facilitated one of the fastest pitch-to-green light for OhSit! followed by a more detailed animated pilot. OhSit! won the International Rose d’Or Award for Best Game Show, and was the only show from the U.S. to return with a trophy.

Sideshow produced a sizzle reel that helped Apploff Entertainment to secure a 10-episode deal from NBC for Quiz Up and is currently working on projects with producers in Japan, France, the UK and Iceland.

“When we have a big show to pitch,” said Jeff Apploff, CEO of Apploff Entertainment, “Sideshow Studios is always our first call to help create a world-class sizzle. Their creations have helped us sell several shows around the world and everyone is always blown away when they see the end product.”

Sideshow is also expanding into VR and projection mapping for the hospitality, retail and sports spaces, including a six-year relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers, producing the Intro show that played at every home game.

“We are proud to continue to be the go-to facility for our advertising agency clients, including, among others, RPA, Ogilvy & Mather and RPMC,” said Bailey.

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