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Academy Approves New Oscar Rules


On Friday, the board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced several rule changes for the 87th Academy Awards.

In the animated feature film category, DVD screeners are now required as part of a film’s submission.

In the documentary feature category, films must now screen a minimum of four times daily during their qualifying theatrical releases in both New York and Los Angeles. The screenings must begin between noon and 10 p.m., and at least one screening daily must begin between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

In the music (original song) category, songwriters from established musical groups may now have the option to request that their song submission be considered under their group name. If the request is approved and the song wins the original song award, the group would receive a single statuette.

In the best picture category, in determining the number of producers on a motion picture who are eligible for nomination, a two-person producing team will be considered a single “producer” if the individuals have had an established producing partnership for at least the previous five years and have produced at least two previous theatrically released feature films, instead of a minimum five theatrically released feature films.

A rule change in the production design category will allow the branch greater flexibility in recognizing the achievements of the principal artists responsible in creating the environment for the story. When the environment of a film is substantially composed of animation and digital artistry, a digital artist who is primarily responsible for the achievement may now be considered for the production design award. Previously, only production designers, art directors and set decorators were eligible for awards recognition.

In the animated short film and live action short film categories, films that have received prior nontheatrical public exhibition or distribution may now qualify for Academy Awards consideration by winning a festival award on the Short Films Qualifying Festival List. Without a festival win, the nontheatrical distribution prior to a theatrical release would still disqualify a short film’s eligibility.

For the first time, the gold, silver and bronze medal award-winning films in the alternative, animation, documentary, narrative and foreign film categories at the 2014 Student Academy Awards will all be eligible for Oscar consideration in the short film categories.

In the acting categories, studios and production companies must now limit eligibility to a maximum of 10 actors and 10 actresses for each film.

The Academy also announced that it has launched its new awards submissions platform for entering information required for Academy Awards consideration. This replaces the Academy’s previous submissions site for feature films, and now includes the ability to submit online for the animated feature film category.

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