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Academy Establishes Casting Award For The 98th Oscars


The Academy

For the first time in 23 years, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has added a new category for the Oscars. Starting with the 98th Academy Awards for movies released in 2025, there will be an Academy Award for Achievement in Casting.

It’s a long overdue yet more than welcomed new category for the awards ceremony. “Casting directors play an essential role in filmmaking, and as the Academy evolves, we are proud to add casting to the disciplines that we recognize and celebrate,” said Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang. “We congratulate our Casting Directors Branch members on this exciting milestone and for their commitment and diligence throughout this process.”

The Casting Directors Branch, which was formed in 2013, includes nearly 160 members. Rules for the branch’s eligibility and voting for the award will be revealed in April with the complete 98th Academy Awards Rules. “On behalf of the members of the Casting Directors Branch, we’d like to thank the Board of Governors, the Awards Committee and Academy leadership for their support. This award is a deserved acknowledgment of our casting directors’ exceptional talents and a testament to the dedicated efforts of our branch,” said Academy Casting Directors Branch governors Richard Hicks, Kim Taylor-Coleman and Debra Zane.

If a ceremony celebrates actors, how can they not shine a light on the artists who helped select them for their roles? Casting directors are storytellers. It’s about time their work is, thankfully, recognized by the Academy Awards.

Next up, perhaps some much-needed categories and love for stunt coordinators, stunt performers, and music supervisors?

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