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At the 56th Annual ACE Eddie Awards, the feature film winners were relative newcomers: Hughes Winborne for Crash and Michael McCusker for Walk the Line. Winborne, who won in the Dramatic category for his frenetic editing of the complex urban ensemble, has worked on several low-budget independent films, including Sling Blade. Taking home gold in the Comedy or Musical category was McCusker for the tuneful retelling of the life of Johnny Cash and the beginning of his love affair with June Carter. The film was, in fact, his first major editing break. McCusker shared credit for his award, commenting, “It takes a lot of people to build a movie.”The Best Edited Miniseries or Motion Picture for Non-Commercial Television went to Brian A. Kates for Lackawanna Blues, a recounting of black community during segregation. Michael Ornstein, A.C.E. was honored in the Best Edited Miniseries or Motion Picture for Commercial Television category for Four Minutes, a sports story of courage, perseverance and heart.Sabine Emiliani got the nod for Best Edited Documentary for the surprise theatrical hit, March of the Penguins.The Best Edited Half-Hour Series For Television Award was taken home by Stuart Bass, A.C.E. for Arrested Development “The Ocean Walker”. The Student Editing Award went to Joo-Wan “Jin” Lee of the American Film Institute.In the One-Hour Series for Commercial Television category the winner was Stephen Semel, A.C.E. for Lost “Outlaws”. The Award for Best Edited One-Hour Series for Non-Commercial Television went to Stephen Mark, A.C.E. for Deadwood “A Lie Agreed Upon – Part 1”. Mark credited his mentor Ed Abroms, A.C.E. for the helpful advice, “There’s nothing in editorial that can’t be fixed without a blow-up.”Abroms, who segued his editing into a directing contract at Universal, was honored at the ceremony with a career achievement award for his contributions to the entertainment industry. He is known for classic series and movies of the week such as Kojak, Hawaii Five-O, Police Story and Columbo.British editor Terry Rawlings, A.C.E., who has edited such iconic films as Blade Runner, Alien and The Phantom of the Opera, humbly accepted his career achievement award, thanking the directors that he has worked with for their trust. He gave credit to Tim Grover, his assistant of 19 years, and commented, “We work in a job that we love. It’s such an instinctive thing we do… a very mystical job.”The ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker Award of the year was presented to director Ron Howard. He acknowledged editors Dan Hanley, A.C.E. and Mike Hill A.C.E., his collaborators on 17 features over almost 25 years. He asserted that the film is made in the editing room: “It is the place you go to discover the film.”

Written by Mary Ann Skweres

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