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ADG Nominations Announced


The Art Directors Guild (ADG) announced nominations in nine categories of production design for theatrical motion pictures, television, commercials and music videos competing in the ADG’s 17th annual excellence in production design awards.

Deadline for final voting, which is done online, is Jan. 31. The black-tie ceremony announcing winners will take place Feb. 2 at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills with Paula Poundstone serving as host for the fourth consecutive year.

Production designer Herman Zimmerman will be the recipient of the guild’s lifetime achievement award. Hall of Fame inductees are Preston Ames, Richard MacDonald and Edward Stephenson. The production designers behind the James Bond franchise – Sir Ken Adam, Allan Cameron, Dennis Gassner and Peter Lamont – will be honored for outstanding contribution to cinematic imagery.

The nominees for excellence in production design for a feature film in 2012 are:

Period Film

Anna Karenina
Sarah Greenwood

Sharon Seymour

Django Unchained
J. Michael Riva

Les Misérables
Eve Stewart

Rick Carter

Fantasy Film

Cloud Atlas
Uli Hanisch and Hugh Bateup

Life Of Pi
David Gropman

Arthur Max

The Dark Knight Rises
Nathan Crowley and Kevin Kavanaugh

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Dan Hannah

Contemporary Film

Nelson Coates

Dennis Gassner

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Alan MacDonald

The Impossible
Eugenio Caballero

Zero Dark Thirty
Jeremy Hindle

Nominees for Excellence in Production Design in Television for 2012:

One-Hour Single Camera Television Series

Boardwalk Empire – Episode: “Resolution”
Bill Groom

Downton Abbey – Episode: “Christmas Special”
Donal Woods

Game Of Thrones – Episode: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”
Gemma Jackson

Homeland – Episode: “The Choice”
John D. Kretschmer

Newsroom – Episode: “We Just Decided To”
Richard Hoover

Television Movie or Mini-Series

American Horror Story: Asylum – Episode: “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2”
Mark Worthington

Game Change
Michael Corenblith

Hatfields and McCoys – Episode: “Night One,” “Night Two” and “Night Three”
Derek R. Hill

Hemingway & Gellhorn
Geoffrey Kirkland

Mockingbird Lane
Michael Wylie

Episode of a Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series

Community – Episode: “Pillows and Blankets”
Denise Pizzini

Girls – Episode: “Pilot”
Judy Becker

Modern Family – Episode: “Mistery Date”
Richard Berg

Parks & Recreation – Episode: “Soda Tax”
Ian Phillips

The New Normal – Episode: “Sofa’s Choice”
Tony Fanning

Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety or Unscripted Series

2 Broke Girls – Episode: “And The Silent Partner”
Glenda Rovello

Democratic National Convention
Bruce Rodgers

How I Met Your Mother – Episode: “The Magicians Code Part 1”
Stephan Olson

Saturday Night Live – Episode: “Mick Jagger Host”
Keith Raywood

The Voice
Anton Goss and James Pearse Connelly

Awards, Music or Game Shows

84th Annual Academy Awards
John Myhre

Grammy Nomination Concert Live – Episode: “Countdown”
Matthew Russell

Super Bowl XLVI – Episode: “Halftime Show Starring Madonna”
Bruce Rodgers

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
Steve Bass

The 40th Annual American Music Awards
Joe Stewart

Commercial, PSA, Promo, and Music Video

Budweiser, “The Return of the King”
Jason Hamilton

Macy’s, “Dream”
Carlos A. Menendez

Nike, “Fast is Faster”
Tino Schaedler

Nike+, “Game On World”
James Chinlund

X-Box, “Halo 4 Commissioning”
Christopher Glass

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