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Set Designer Ann Harris to Receive ADG’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Ann Harris
Image via Steven Swartz

Veteran set designer/art director Ann Harris, whose more than 60 film and television design credits include Edward Scissorhands and Schindler’s List, will receive the Art Directors Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Set Designers & Model Makers Council (SDMM) at the 26th Annual ADG Awards.

The Awards ceremony, set for Saturday, March 5, will return to a live event this year at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom. The ceremony will spotlight Harris’ 35-year career and her artistic contributions to many memorable films and iconic TV shows. This is the second of four Lifetime Achievement Awards to be announced by the Art Directors Guild.

“We are happy to honor Ann’s service to the Set Design Craft,” said Kristen Davis, ADG Set Designers & Model Makers Council Chair. “Ann served as Local 847 President, Vice President and Treasurer, and contributed to her community by being involved in presidential campaigns, state measures, Amnesty International, New Energy Development, PBS, and more. While being a single mom and raising her son, she worked and has been a valued member of many notable Art Departments.”

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands image via 20th Century Fox

Harris, who retired in 2012, began her career as a set designer working at Universal Studios, at a time when the studio had its own art department, an era long forgotten in this time of freelance work. But she had little trouble finding work, with jobs at Warner Bros., Fox, MGM, and CBS, and again with Universal on Matlock. When Stephen Cannell opened his own company, she was hired as a set designer and as an art director, working constantly.

Harris has worked with some of the industry’s top directors, including Ridley Scott (Someone to Watch Over Me), Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands), Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break) and Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List), and her other notable feature credits include The Last Samurai (Set Design), Life as a House (Set Design), The General’s Daughter (Art Director), The Wedding Singer (Set Design), Casino (Set Design), Dante’s Peak (Asst. Art Director), 13 Days (Art Director), Sister Act (Set Design), and Father of the Bride (Asst. Art Director).

In addition to movies, Harris worked on TV shows such as Weeds (Set Design), Criminal Minds (Set Design), Heroes (Set Design), Six Feet Under (Set Design), Ally McBeal (Set Design), The Rockford Files (Art Director), and Remington Steele (Set Design), among many others.

Over her decades of productions, Harris collaborated with many iconic production designers including Dante Ferretti, Larry Paull, Dennis Washington, Sandy Veneziano, Gene Callahan, Bill Elliot, John Jeffries, Jim Bissel, and Bo Welch.


The ADG Awards honor excellence in Production Design in theatrical motion pictures, television, commercials, music videos, and animated feature films. The producer of this year’s ADG Awards is Art Director Michael Allen Glover, ADG (The Alienist, Solos and Station Eleven). Joining the team as stage designer is Emmy-winning Production Designer Brian J. Stonestreet, ADG (Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, Billboard Awards).

As previously announced, French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (Dune) will be the recipient of the William Cameron Menzies Award. Additional honorees for Cinematic Imagery and new inductees into the Guild’s Hall of Fame will be announced at a later date. Scenic Artists Michael and Denise Okuda, best known for their creative lead designs for the Star Trek franchise and other iconic space adventure productionswill receive the ADG Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists (STG). Additional ADG Lifetime Achievement Award honorees from the Production Designers and Art Directors Council (AD), and the Illustrators & Matte Artists Council (IMA) will be announced shortly. A complete list of past honorees can be found on ADG’s website.

ADG Awards are open only to productions when made within the U.S. by producers signatory to the IATSE agreement. Foreign entries are acceptable without restrictions. Further inquiries regarding the ADG Awards may be directed to ADG Awards & Events Director Debbie Patton at (818) 762-9995 or email [email protected]. Because of the pandemic, guests will be required to show proof of full vaccination.

The ADG Awards are sponsored by Astek Wallcovering and Cush Light, while media sponsors include Below the Line and Variety.

Established in 1937, the Art Directors Guild (IATSE Local 800) represents 3,000 members who work throughout the world in film, television and theater as Production Designers and Art Directors; Scenic, Title and Graphic Artists; Set Designers and Model Makers; and Illustrators and Matte Artists. For the Guild’s online directory and website resources, go to Connect with the Art Directors Guild on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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