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In a global sign of the times, a trio of foreign production designers won in the three headline feature-film categories at the Art Directors Guild 11th annual awards shindig on February 17.Eugenio Cabellero of Mexico got the award in the fantasy features category for his work on Pan’s Labyrinth, about a young girl’s magical fairy-tale world amidst the horrors of World War II Spain. British production designer Peter Lamont won for excellence on a contermporary film for Casino Royale, the latest James Bond opus. And in the period film category, Huo Tingxiao of China was honored for his production design on Curse of the Golden Flower, an ultra-lavish historic epic.At the event in the Beverly Hilton hotel ballroom, decked out like a 1930s supper club, designer Dean Tavoularis received the organization’s lifetime achievement award. Warren Beatty, who gave Tavoularis his first major assignment on Bonnie and Clyde, presented him with the honor.Terry Gilliam, director of visually notable films such as Brazil, Ten Monkeys, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, was honored for outstanding contribution to cinema imagery. Gilliam, who these days lives mainly in London but was born in Northridge, Calif., made a rare return to his original stomping grounds.Meanwhile, another group of esteemed production designers of yore were inducted into the ADG Hall of Fame: Stephen Goosson (Lost Horizon, The Lady from Shanghai); Hilyard Brown (Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor); Harry Horner (The Hustler); Carroll Clark (Mary Poppins).The fifth inductee was Henry “Bummy” Bumstead (To Kill A Mockingbird, Vertigo, The Sting) who died last year at 91, after a nearly 60-year career, and just weeks after he finished his last film, Letters from Iwo Jima for Clint Eastwood. The director, who appeared in a brief video because he was unable to be there in person, extolled the veteran production designer who worked exclusively for him for his final 15 years on films including Unforgiven, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima.”It’s amazing I’m still here,” said art directing legend Gene Allen (A Star is Born, My Fair Lady), who introduced the latest Hall of Famers.The winners:Period Film:Curse Of The Golden Flower – Huo TingxiaoFantasy Film:Pan’s Labyrinth – Eugenio CaballeroContemporary Film:Casino Royale – Peter LamontSingle Camera Television Series:Ugly Betty “The Box And The Bunny” – Mark WorthingtonMulti-Camera Television Series:Mad TV “Episode 1207” – John SabatoTelevision Movie Or Mini-Series:Stephen King’s Desperation – Philip DagortVariety Or Awards Show, Music Special, Or Documentary:58th Annual Emmy Awards – John Shaffner, Joe StewartCommercial:Victoria’s Secret “Sexy” – Jeffrey BeecroftVenue: Beverly Hilton HotelEase of Parking: Handy hotel garage, $10Open Bar: Indeed!Quality of Drinks: Top poursQuality of Wine: DrinkableFood: Fine catered fare, yummy desertsAttire: 21st century black-tieShow Length: 3+ hoursHost: Steven WeberSwag: A miniature tape measure (for miniature art directors?)High Point: Charles Durning’s flummery while trying to read the teleprompterLow Point: Steven Weber’s tasteless jokesBest Quote of the Night: Terry Gilliam, “This is generally wondrous because it’s literally the first award I’ve won in Hollywood.”

Written by Jack Egan

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