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Awards Portfolio: Bill Corso/Lemony Snicket


From the set of Jim Carrey’s latest, Fun With Dick and Jane, makeup artist Bill Corso reflects on his most recent project, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. “We approached the main character of Count Olaf [Jim Carrey] as a blank palette who could make himself whatever he wanted,” says Corso. “Count Olaf is a bad actor, but a great villain who comes up with the greatest disguises.”Corso collaboration with Carrey goes back to The Majestic and has continued through Bruce Almighty to his current project. He broke into the makeup business in 1986 and served as art director at Steve Johnson’s XFX studio from 1990 until 1997. After working on TV’s The Shining miniseries, Corso collaborated with three-time Academy Award winning makeup artist Ve Neill on Batman and Robin, Amistad, Man on the Moon and Galaxy Quest.Next, he worked with six-time Academy Award winner Rick Baker on films that included Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Planet of the Apes. “Rick taught me to always strive for perfection and fight for the time to do things right,” says Corso.For his introduction to Lemony Snicket, Carrey mentioned to Corso that producers were approaching him regarding Daniel Handler’s popular book series. Corso immediately started playing around in Photoshop, designing makeup concepts. Director Brad Silberling liked Corso’s designs and used them as a jumping-off point to manufacture appliances and hairpieces.“Brad, Jim, Jim’s hairstylist Anne Morgan and myself started coming up with different looks in a testing phase six months before shooting,” Corso explains. “I think, we as a team, were successful in creating a classic character. Jim’s not covered in appliances, but he has such a way of inhabiting a character that you lose sight of him.” – Scott Essman

Written by Scott Essman

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