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Awards Portfolio: Joel Cox/Million Dollar Baby


Academy Award winner Joel Cox is once again an Oscar contender, for his solid and flawless work on Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. Cox started his career in the Warner Bros. mailroom in 1961, working his way through several departments over a period of years. He credits that experience toward making him more skilled as an editor because he felt he gained a real understanding and respect for all the below-the-line professions. His first editing credit was as assistant on Cleopatra Jones.At Warners he met Eastwood, with whom he worked almost exclusively, forming a unique bond that has spanned 30 years. Their collaboration has included The Enforcer, Pale Rider, Bird, The Unforgiven (which gained him his first Academy Award nomination and subsequent win), The Bridges of Madison County and Mystic River.He spoke recently on a panel following a Below the Line pre-release screening of Million Dollar Baby, along with cinematographer Tom Stern. Cox championed Eastwood’s work ethic and directing style. He told the audience that the most valuable piece of advice that Eastwood ever gave him was “go with your first instinct and never second-guess yourself.” Judging by his long and distinguished career, including his current film, he has followed that advice.

Written by Eric Green

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