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BBC Jackson Hole Awards


BBC Post Wins Wildlife Kudos

BBC Post Production has picked up two awards for work on its wildlife programs at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, held annually in Wyoming. The company’s design team in Bristol, U.K., won the International Award for Best CGI/Animation for The Eternal Frontier episode of Monsters We Met. The team worked on approximately 300 individual shots, 250 of which involved the creation CGI animals. The series also picked up the Best Limited Series award. The team also received an award for Best Achievement in Sound for the BBC/Discovery coproduction Shark Battlefield.

Monsters series producer Andy Byatt says, “We tried hard to develop a more integrated way of working – so that the whole design, animation and compositing team became a part of the production itself. As a result we were able to create a gritty, fast paced feel to the animation sequences. It proves that an integrated approach is the way to go, because director, editor and design team need to share the same vision.”


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