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Birdman Flies Away with Top Honors at 51st Annual CAS Awards


LR-CAS2015Awards-8037The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award for outstanding sound mixing in a live-action motion picture was presented by Oscar nominated documentarian Rory Kennedy (Last Days in Vietnam) and sound mixer Mike Minkler, CAS, to the sound mixing team of Thomas Varga, Jon Taylor, CAS, Frank Montaño, Gustavo Borner, Jason Oliver and John Sanacore, CAS, for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Big Hero 6 and the sound mixing team of Gabriel Guy, CAS, David Fluhr, CAS, Alan Meyerson, CAS and Mary Jo Lang, CAS took top honors for animated motion picture.

Hosted for the second year by radio personality Doug McIntyre, the 51st Annual CAS Awards were held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel on Valentine’s Day and there was plenty of love to go around. Trophies for outstanding achievement in sound mixing were presented in six feature film and television categories. CAS technical achievement awards were given for product innovations in production and post. The inaugural CAS student recognition award was also presented.

LR-CAS2015BeforeandAfterParty-8714Playing to his audience at the opening of the ceremony, McIntyre welcomed the crowd and joked, “This is the one Hollywood awards show we know that no matter how loud the room is, you can still hear a pin drop.”

Outgoing CAS president, David Fluhr took to the stage and explained why the show was on Valentine’s Day. “I think it was planned by men. Let’s kill two birds with one stone – easy date night and an award,” he said. “You can’t go wrong.” Fluhr proceeded to honor Emmy winners and Oscar nominees for elevating the craft of sound mixing.

With this year’s awards, Fluhr achieved one of the goals he had when he became president of CAS – that of creating the student recognition award to launch the careers of students aspiring to move into the field of sound mixing. Sherry Kline, CAS, chaired the new student committee. Danny Maurer, a student at University of Colorado, Denver, garnered the award and was presented with a check for $2,500.

Fluhr introduced the new board of directors to the crowd before handing over the gavel to incoming CAS president, Mark Ulano, CAS, who pledged, “I will do everything I can to fulfill the trust you have given to me.”

Oscar-nominated director of Boyhood, Richard Linklater received the CAS filmmaker award in a presentation that included remarks by director Christopher Nolan, sound recordist John Pritchett, CAS, and the director’s sister, Tricia Linklater, director of sound operations at Technicolor on the Paramount lot.

Prichett said, “When you work with Richard, you feel like you are really part of his team. You are on that train with him. He makes everyone feel so comfortable and enthusiastic because he’s so enthusiastic. He loves the craft. He loves the art of filmmaking.”

Nolan talked about Linklater’s subtlety and restraint as a director and his trust in the inherent drama of simple life. Nolan stated his belief, “Richard Linklater has become, I think, something of an American treasure. He has been making these films that reflect the American way of life… and he has been doing it in extremely adventurous ways. For decades he has been gently, but persuasively, holding up a mirror to the way we live.”

Accepting his honor, Linklater said, “Getting this wonderful award puts you in kind of a retrospective state of mind. I realized I am so continuously lucky to get to make these movies that are so personal and so fun to do. Films, when they are done, they’re done, but you always retain the human experience you have making the films. The people you work with, the creative energy you put towards something, and all the rewards you get back. I feel blessed to work in the ultimate, creative environment.”

David Macmillan, CAS, three time Academy Award winner for The Right Stuff, Speed and Apollo 13, was honored with the CAS career achievement award. Macmillan was feted by previous CAS career achievement honoree Scott Millan, CAS along with Steve Bowerman, CAS and David Krischner.

Director Ron Howard related his experience with Macmillan in a pre-recorded message, “He brings a spark of creative energy to everything that he does. Whatever the talent, whatever the genre, whatever the style, he embraces it and becomes a part of the filmmaking team. So of course, he’s a perfectionist as a technician, but he’s an artist in his heart. That is why he deserves this award.”

Macmillan, who now teaches at notable film schools such as USC, UCLA and Chapman, believes in “playing it forward.” He explained, “It’s not about what I do. It’s about what we do.”

Presenters for the evening included Bob Bronow, CAS; Thomas Curley, CAS; Peter J. Devlin, CAS; Carolyn Hennesy (Revenge, Jessie, True Blood, Cougar Town, General Hospital); Tomlinson Holman, CAS; Maddalena Ischiale (Unbroken); singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk (Armageddon, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Providence soundtracks); Edward Moskowitz, CAS; Walter Murch, CAS; Gary Rizzo, CAS; Henry Sanders (Selma, Bull Durham, Play it to the Bone, Rocky Balboa, Dr, Quinn, Medicine Woman) and Jeff Wexler, CAS.

The winners of the 51st annual CAS Awards are:

Motion Picture – Live Action
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
Production Mixer – Thomas Varga
Re-recording Mixer – Jon Taylor, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Frank A. Montaño
Scoring Mixer – Gustavo Borner
ADR Mixer – Jason Oliver
Foley Mixer – John Sanacore, CAS

Motion Picture – Animated
Big Hero 6
Original Dialogue Mixer – Gabriel Guy, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – David E. Fluhr, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Gabriel Guy, CAS
Scoring Mixer – Alan Meyerson, CAS
Foley Mixer – Mary Jo Lang, CAS

Television Movie or Mini-Series
Sherlock: His Last Vow
Production Mixer – John Mooney
Re-recording Mixer – Howard Bargroff
Scoring Mixer – Nick Wollage
ADR Mixer – Peter Gleaves
Foley Mixer – William Everett

Television Series – One Hour
Game of Thrones: The Children
Production Mixer – Ronan Hill, CAS
Production Mixer – Richard Dyer, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Onnalee Blank, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Mathew Waters, CAS
Foley Mixer – Brett Voss, CAS

Television Series – 1/2 Hour
Modern Family: “Australia”
Production Mixer – Stephen A. Tibbo, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Dean Okrand, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Brian Harman, CAS

Television Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Specials
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways: “Los Angeles”
Re-Recording Mixer – Eddie Kim
Re-Recording Mixer – Jeff Fuller

Cas Technical Achievement AwardProduction
Sound Devices – Dante and MADI Audio Recorder model 970

Cas Technical Achievement AwardPostproduction
iZotope – RX4-Advanced

CAS Student Recognition Award
Danny Maurer, University of Colorado, Denver

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